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Libra 2021 Horoscope


Libra 2021 Horoscope


In January, you’ll need to lay the foundation. Mars and Uranus will parallel straight edges which will make life more beautiful, provided you don’t deviate from your path. Go for it if the project is appealing and don’t regret saying no to a deal which isn’t clear. At the end of the month, you’ll gain visibility.


You won’t feel like hearing blames and complaints. If voices are raised, your conversation will go sour. Relax, there is no risk that your love affair comes to an end, if you were to root out the evil, peacefully. Bank on your creativity, to boost your activity.


You’ll come across mood swings. Most often due to the difficulty of handling hitches. The idea of wasting time, energy or even money and solving a situation will get you all worked up. 22nd onward in Aries, Venus will force you to take an initiative.


Jupiter, Mars and Saturn will influence your destiny. Follow the rules of the game, you’ll double your chances to win the game. Jupiter says don’t mix business with pleasure. With Mars, favor negotiation rather than power struggle. Saturn will insist on commitments in your love life, to make your partner feel secure.


A fragrance of pleasure and lightness in the air. Pressure will decrease. If you horsewhipped until now, you’ll reap the rewards of your efforts and your entourage will congratulate you. The moment will seem appropriate to talk about love and walk hand in hand.


It’ll be time to reflect. It’s necessary to settle down, but also settle issues and lay the foundation to build your future. Venus will encourage you to review your emotional relations. In terms of your work, if you feel like changing directions, there is no hurry. Get to the bottom of the idea, gradually.


If you go all out due to love, Venus in Leo will roll out the red carpet. With Mars’s effects, you’ll feeling like making plans together. This will cost you and require compromises and the need to make choices but it’ll be worth it. Your affairs will take a secure turn.


Mars in Virgo will highlight the necessity to get some rest and take it slow. Avoid getting sucked in by tough tasks, being vampirized by a demanding entourage. Through luck, mid-July, Venus will arrive in your sign. Combine laughter with sports, to recharge your batteries quickly.


Mercury will party in your sign and make relations and transactions easier. Venus will make you extremely charming and give you the chance to find love. Contacts will play an important role in the developments of your projects. Bank on your network to get back on the right track.


You’ll get the possibility to assert your preferences with Mars. After a few hesitations, you’ll seem more self-confident. Your popularity will come along due to your interest for others and they’ll return the same. A new affair, patching up will warm up your heart.


The Mars/Saturn dual will make an impact on your activities. Your projects will be postponed, meetings too. Nothing annoying, if you were to make time your ally. Strengthen your know-how, handle your budget properly. In your love life, channel your energies to defend your couple and family interests.


During the end of the year, you may devote yourself to your loved ones and your passion. You’ll draw benefits from your experiences, to begin with your capacity to resolve problems through quick and efficient solutions. Venus in Capricorn will smile at you and provide you with emotional stability.