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Aries and Aquarius
Love compatibility

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Discover what happens when Aries and Aquarius come together in love or other matters. Ever wondered how compatible are Aries and Aquarius? Find out to what extend Aries and Aquarius can match together. Let’s discover Aquarius and Aries love matches!

Your lively nature works wonders, he/she likes puns and a good sense of humor!

Aries and Aquarius natives are wonderful friends in life. While the first loves action, the second is a visionary. They can work well together : The Aquarius shines when it comes to planning and inventing, and the Aries is ready to carry them out. However, if a relationship is underway, the ambitious nature of the native of Aquarius completely puts off the Aries native who can’t accept that a professional career can come before him or her. In the same way, an Aquarius will tend to think that an Aries is frivolous, detached and irresponsible, and will not understand his approach to life. Carpe Diem is pretty much an Aries’ motto, while an Aquarius tends to worry about what the future holds. Independence remains a necessity for both. Admiration and respect will definitely keep the ball rolling. If both partners try hard to understand each other, which could start with recognizing their unique complementary relationship, things could work in the long term.

To sum up: Both independent people, you are happy to be able to live your life!

Strength: Creativity

Weakness: Realism

Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility