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Cancer and Aquarius
Love compatibility

Discover what happens when Cancer and Aquarius come together in love or other matters. Ever wondered how compatible are Cancer and Aquarius ? Find out to what extend Aquarius and Cancer can match together. Let’s discover Cancer and Aquarius love matches!

Be confident and a bit distant, the Aquarius will chase you…

It’s a rather unexpected couple between a kind, conventional, family oriented person and an original one, who appreciate peace and quiet at home for one and living an unconventional life for the other. Your respective lifestyles are very different, just like your expectations in love. The native of Cancer will sometimes frighten the Aquarius with too much emotionality but the latter ends up finding a lot of satisfaction in Cancer’s solid and reassuring arms. A balance will definitely need to be found in order to maintain harmony between an introvert and a social bee. If both manage to understand each other’s personalities without having second thoughts, this can actually be a brilliant couple ! You will have a good time together, and even if it might not last a lifetime, it will at least last a few very intense and special days and nights!

To sum up:The Aquarius can make you enjoy being on your own!

Strength: Differences

Weakness: Infidelity

Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility