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Cancer and Cancer
Love compatibility

Discover what happens when Cancer and Cancer come together in love or other matters. Ever wondered how compatible are Cancer and Cancer? Find out to what extend Cancer and Cancer can match together. Let’s discover Cancer and Cancer love matches!

Hypersensitive like you, be careful with what you say!

It’s no surprise if it’s often love at first sight between you two. The harmony between you is amazing. Two huge lovers who will spend hours declaring their love to one another, who will go out of their way to spoil, charm and even protect their respective partner. Protection is definitely one of the Cancer’s essential centers of interest : Home, security, and family are issues the crab will fight for. He/she has a unrivaled maternal kind of love. Unique instinctive and emotional traits are an asset for the Cancer but in times of doubt, they can hurt his/her sensibility. The two lovers will need to respect their respective need to withdraw into their shell when necessary. Commitment, respect and dedication are shared values in such a unique relationship. And because you value fidelity, this union is likely to last a life-time.

To sum up: You two are so united that it’s nearly disturbing!

Strength: Idealism

Weakness:Lack of freedom

Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility