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Cancer and Scorpio
Love compatibility

Discover what happens when Cancer and Scorpio come together in love or other matters. Ever wondered how compatible are Cancer and Scorpio? Find out to what extend Cancer and Scorpio can match together. Let’s discover Scorpio and Cancer love matches!

A Scorpio likes to be in control and will be attracted in some way to vulnerable people!

You are both sentimental people, but each in your own way and intensity. The Cancer’s need for security goes well with the Scorpio’s love for power : As long as the Scorpio will guarantee his/her partner a reassuring relationship, everything will be just fine. A Cancer tends to be romantic while a Scorpio tends to be passionate. Between you, things are tender or sensual depending on the time. A Scorpio will have to make an effort in order not to hurt an incredibly touchy Cancer who will become withdrawn as soon as he hears a bad word said about him. Jealousy comes naturally for the native of Scorpio : If the Cancer usually sees it as a proof of love, his/her ultra sensibility might interpret that as a lack of trust : Since loyalty and fidelity are essential for both, anything questioning the depth of their feelings could unsettle the couple. Reassuring the Cancer seems to be a major lever in their relationship.

To sum up:You understand each other without having to spell things out, sensual harmony is very satisfying!

Strength: Fantasy!


Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility