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Capricorn and Capricorn
Love compatibility

Discover what happens when Capricorn and Capricorn come together in love or other matters. Ever wondered how compatible are Capricorn and Capricorn? Find out to what extend Capricorn and Capricorn can match together. Let’s discover Capricorn and Capricorn love matches!

Talk about money and concrete things to find harmony!

A traditional and slightly conventional couple, you two come together because you share the same practical, goal-oriented and career-minded vision of life. Your relationship is therefore faithful and sincere. You’re not the type to take things lightly or to flirt about. Love is a long-term investment : Risks and speculation aren’t part of your vocabulary . Realistic and pragmatic even as far as feelings are concerned, you model your future according to precise schemes. And since you’re both looking for security, you’ll make sure that your future is secured for many years to come. Material comfort and possessions are things you look forward to you since social status and achievement are paramount in your life. Two Capricorns together is like a fortress : Two cardinal signs working hand in hand, perfecting the same plans. As long as you both remember to unwind a bit, your relationship will make many envious !

To sum up: It’s so good to be similar!


Weakness: Habits

Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility