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Gemini and Pisces
Love compatibility

Discover what happens when Gemini and Pisces come together in love or other matters. Ever wondered how compatible are Pisces and Gemini? Find out to what extend Gemini and Pisces can match together. Let’s discover Gemini and Pisces love matches!

Make the Pisces laugh and he will hang on to your every word!

The native of Pisces – with his head always in the clouds – charms the Gemini native with his dreamy and romantic nature. Open and sociable, the Pisces can easily adapt to the Gemini’s lively social life. Their common spirituality draws them closer to each other, despite their differences. A special attention will be required with the Pisces though : His/her extreme emotional sensibility could be easily offended by Gemini’s flirty, direct ways. Gemini has no rule and has a habit of doing -and saying- things on a whim. The native of Gemini will need to show compassion and understanding on a regular basis. They can expect a long-lasting relationship with moments of complicity, and they will be clever enough to know how to respect each other’s personality, thanks to their unique flexibility and open-mindedness.

To sum up: You like his dreamy side, but his quirky side puts you off!

Strength: Romanticism


Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility