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Gemini and Scorpio
Love compatibility

Discover what happens when Gemini and Scorpio come together in love or other matters. Ever wondered how compatible are Gemini and Scorpio? Find out to what extend Gemini and Scorpio can match together. Let’s discover Scorpio and Gemini love matches!

Wear sexy underwear, act sensually and he/she will be yours!

The dynamic nature of these two signs makes it a lively relationship. Passionate, too. Because if these two manage to connect, Scorpio’s jealous nature will eventually struggle to cope with the intense social life that a Gemini tends to have. Gemini’s open, light and flirty nature will undoubtedly fuel the flames. Scorpio needs to feel the depth of the relationship. He/she looks for passion and physical connection in a relationship. The Scorpio’s faithfulness runs so deep that he/she easily becomes possessive. These two haven’t got a second to spare, they are living an exciting life which makes both of them happy. Both love risk-taking and new adventures : When Gemini does things on a whim, Scorpio goes with the flow but always has an idea in mind. It doesn’t really matter…There’s nothing dull here !

To sum up: You can’t refuse him/her anything!

Strength: Reciprocity

Weakness: Manipulation

Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility