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Sagittarius and Pisces
Love compatibility

Discover what happens when Pisces and Sagittarius come together in love or other matters. Ever wondered how compatible are Sagittarius and Pisces? Find out to what extend Sagittarius and Pisces can match together. Let’s discover Sagittarius and Pisces love matches!

Let him come to you, as you don’t know how to catch him!

You are not swimming in the same water as far as love is concerned. The hypersensitive Pisces dives in an ocean of romanticism, while the independent Sagittarius swims in a river of ardent passion. You are not on the same wavelength and you will find it hard to agree with each other on the love front especially if you both refuse to change your ways. The flexibility will undoubtedly come from the native of Pisces who, as a mutable water sign, constantly tries to understand and adapt to his/her partner. And because Sagittarius is also a mutable sign, neither will try to control the other. He/she will try to accept the Sagittarius’ independent needs and offer him/her a place to escape. There’s disharmony in the air between you, it’s a fact, but there is much to teach one another : Pisces can show the Sagittarius how empathy works and the archer can prove to Pisces that dreams and aspirations can materialize.

To sum up: Hard to understand such a distant person!


Weakness: Lack of audacity

Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility