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Taurus and Cancer
Love compatibility

Discover what happens when Taurus and Cancer come together in love or other matters. Ever wondered how compatible are Taurus and Cancer? Find out to what extend Cancer and Taurus can match together. Let’s discover Taurus and Cancer love matches!

No need to talk, just look at each other and touch each other!

Family, security and trust are essential values for these two signs, who happen to seek calm and harmony above all. These two people try to get away from any form of conflict as much as they can, which seemingly creates a very serene relationship between them. They both have a natural desire to pamper and cuddle the ones they love. But if doubts start filling the mind of the native of Cancer, the very down-to-earth Taurus will have the hardest time detecting it : Considering how often a Cancer goes through mood swings, it is quite understandable ! Failing to understand the feelings of the innocent daydreamer can deeply unsettle the couple’s foundations and make the Taurean look fairly insensitive. The Cancer will almost always look for security. The Taurus will need to find a way to reassure his/her partner by all means if he/she wants to keep the fire burning. Otherwise, a successful relationship will not be possible.

To sum up: Excellent sensuality, but you don’t understand each other!

Strength: Honesty

Weakness: Laziness

Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility