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Taurus and Leo
Love compatibility

Discover what happens when Taurus and Leo come together in love or other matters. Ever wondered how compatible are Taurus and Leo? Find out to what extend Taurus and Leo can match together. Let’s discover Leo and Taurus love matches!

Make sure this predator knows that you only have eyes for him! He will fall for you!

Conflicts of authority are bound to develop in relationships formed by two strong personalities. The charisma of the Taurus might win the Leo over, but the latter will quickly want to find himself under the spotlight too. Luckily, both the Taurus and the Leo share the same desires in life so they’ll have no trouble understanding one another. Their common passion for arts and beauty has no equal. Social status, possessions and appearance will instantly bring them together…Or tear them apart, because they both can become very possessive sentimentally. Ambition characterizes their personalities, but they’ll need to make them coincide : While the Taurus longs for stability and family related goals, the Leo seeks fortune and glory.

To sum up: Availability

Weakness: Self-centeredness

Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility