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Taurus and Scoprio
Love compatibility

Discover what happens when Taurus and Scorpio come together in love or other matters. Ever wondered how compatible are Taurus and Scorpio? Find out to what extend Taurus and Scorpio can match together. Let’s discover Scorpio and Taurus love matches!

Know how to reassure this person, so that he doesn’t share his negativity with you!

These two signs being very exclusive, we often find them isolated, lacking social life, spending the vast majority of their time being possessive with one another. However, fidelity is a crucial value for both signs. Their relationship is often passionate and stormy. They’ll do everything passionately, whether it’s positive or negative. Directly opposed in the Zodiac, these two signs follow the general rule : opposites attract. Speaking of which, the sexual attraction between these two seems genuinely untameable. When the Taurus seeks stability and possessions, the Scorpio longs for power. For this relationship to last, the native of Scorpio will need to be reassured of the his/her partner’s love and devotion. Both will need to keep their stubbornness on low if they want to avoid serious arguments.

To sum up:You either like each other physically, or get depressed together!

Strength: Construction

Weakness: Fatalism

Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility