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Vrigo and Capricorn
Love compatibility

Discover what happens when Virgo and Capricorn come together in love or other matters. Ever wondered how compatible are Capricorn and Virgo? Find out to what extend Virgo and Capricorn can match together. Let’s discover Virgo and Capricorn love matches!

You are both strongly attracted to each other, let yourself go!

You campaign for the same values in life : Sentimental honesty, affectionate loyalty and fidelity in love. No one is more into reality than you are ! You enjoy a classic and solid relationship, and it is bound to grow stronger every day. Because you are both Earth signs, material comfort and possessions are important to you. You’re not afraid to work hard in order to attain that security you both strive for. Capricorn being a cardinal sign, natives of this sign are true initiators : He/she will appreciate to take the lead with a flexible Virgo partner who will have no trouble following the movement. You don’t take love lightly, « one-night stands » are just not something you do. You’re into long-term, very long-term even, love stories. You have your whole lives ahead of you to love each other… And to have plenty of children !

Strength:You like each other and you are building something solid, it is reassuring!


Weakness:Lack of communication

Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility