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The Aquarius Man


You are, dear Aquarius, strange and cute at the same time. Just like every other « alien », you come from a faraway galaxy. You can sometimes lose touch with reality, living your life through your often brilliant ideas rather than taking concrete actions, which can be considered as your main weakness. An eternal optimistic, you are a humanist who only wants to see the good side of people and usually pay the price for it… You are often criticized for being in your own little world. You can talk about the meaning of life until the early hours, or keep on smiling while someone is telling you all about the bad day he’s having; you are an alien who has no desire to change…
Thus, you tend to go with the flow of your inspirations and you are, as a result, one of the most sensual and fascinating signs of the zodiac. Even if you can sometimes turn into a block of ice, sentimentally and sexually speaking.
Sensitive and intelligent, your mysterious and distant nature fascinates the opposite sex. Your secret is simple: respect and compliment women in order to be in their good books

In your love relationship, you can very often go missing and consequently fill your partner with doubts. And if she is emotionally dependant, her confidence and mood will also be affected.
You need some time before you can get close to someone, and in the same way before you can let anyone get close to you. Having children will make you much wiser and less absent.