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The Capricorn Man


You may come across as someone pretty cold, but you are a faithful and romantic man, who has his fair share of weaknesses. You cannot stand change. You are often criticized for your reactionary state of mind, the fact you are too attached to the past and traditions, which makes you laugh as the future as never been so uncertain. So why take unnecessary risks? You tend to always rest on your laurels. But by constantly doing so, you could end up cutting yourself off from the rest of the world and come across as a cold and heartless individual. A shame, as you are actually a sensitive and kind man, who is always ready to listen to others.
Discrete and not always sociable, you are in fact an admirable man, slightly old-school, the king of the sermon. You usually stay away from groups and try to keep a low profile at all times. You only care about the interest shown in you by the ones you love. And your phobia of taking risks means that you will never impulsively decide to abandon your friends or spouse.

On the love front, romantic and sensual, you are particularly cautious as far as feelings are concerned. You usually need more time than other signs to feel relaxed and comfortable; but once in a serious relationship, you finally express your demonstrative side and your great sense of humor. Very exclusive with your other half, you ask for no less in return. Being cheated on is unacceptable and you despise unfaithfulness. Unlike many other signs, you can cope with a disappointing sex life for a long time, as feelings are what matter the most to you.