Free Daily Horoscope

The Gemini Man


As the typical class clown, you love going out and making your buddies laugh. A bit of a womanizer, you aren’t afraid to show your interest and your behavior is often borderline acceptable.
Very talkative and eloquent thanks to Mercury, master of your sign, you charm all of your « targets » with words. A real Don Juan, nobody can resist your power of seduction.
Sensually speaking, quality is more important than quantity for you, you see love as a « game ». A subtle look can touch you more than sensual cuddles. If your partner is inventive and goes from being cheeky one day to reserved the next, she will have won you over once and for all. But your fantasies constantly need to be renewed, as you cannot stand banality, monotony and you often feel the need to escape.
As far as your looks are concerned, you are very refined, stylish and you always look after your appearance. Adaptable and easily influenced, you are a real fashion chameleon, able to fit in any environment you find yourself in. You have no problem going from a relaxed outfit to a much more formal one.

Another of you main characteristics: your strong sense of justice. With a pure hatred for injustice, you devote yourself to protecting the weak and defenceless, and your opinions could generate conflicts in the workplace. Fortunately, you can always rely on your legendary quick-witted comebacks to help you stand out from the crowd.