Free Daily Horoscope

The Leo Man


Proud and confident, nothing seem to impress or worry you. Charming and seductive, you are fully aware of your power over members of the opposite sex. The embodiment of strength and moderation, you are however as weak as those you sometimes tend to judge, or misjudge. Rather faithful in love, you like to be noticed and admired. You are capable of loving like there’s no tomorrow, until the wild animal that you are cannot love any more. You are a real man! Always striving for perfection, you use every trick in the book in order to be liked. Your « passionate relationship » can last for years if you think you have found the perfect partner. An intelligent and wilful woman who will stimulate you by making you feel the need to constantly take on new challenges.
On the sex front, you can never get enough. You like to be admired and pleased by your partner. With a strong personality and aware of your power, you try to take center stage under any circumstances.

Your idea of happiness is to be as handsome as possible, to have Venus well and truly on your side! You are a fashion victim who does all in his power to look like those models you see all over the front pages. You also want to spend your life with a woman who looks the part. Your search for the ideal partner can be seen as superficial… but you cannot help it, that’s just who you are! You aim for perfection, in love like in the workplace.