Free Daily Horoscope

The Libra Man


Composed and more seductive than you look, you try to maintain harmony in your relationships. But you are psychologically ambiguous. Venus can make you hot-tempered and communicative, or you could be nervous and introverted under the influence of Saturn. You can be a tactful and charming man, who finds it easy to adapt to any situation he finds himself in and doesn’t hesitate to compromise. You often keep your opinions to yourself in a bid not to oppose anybody. With a hatred for conflict and violence, you tend to compromise as much as you can, which can make you come across as hesitant or weak.
In love, officializing your union is not vital to you, and your partner will have to smoothly convince you to go down that road. You are usually fully committed to your relationship, you like spending time with your other half and maintain peace and harmony within your household. You will often avoid tackling the problems your relationships is suffering from.

Fully committed on the love front, you see sensuality as one of the foundations of your relationship. In this domain too, your romantic nature and taste for beauty will have an important role to play. Nothing must be done improperly or hastily, sophisticated environments will make you happy. You are ready to follow your other half in her wildest desires, as long as they aren’t vulgar or sordid.