Free Daily Horoscope

The Sagittarius Man


A good Samaritan, you never fail to make yourself useful and get yourself noticed for all the right reasons… You are always ready to lend those you love a helping hand.
You want to reach a certain social status, without feeling the need to compare it to your neighbor’s. Which, however, doesn’t stop you from poking you nose into his personal life.
Humanist and altruist, you don’t hesitate to help the « weak and the oppressed » for the sake of justice, blaming God or the universe for all the misery taking place around you. You are ready to devote most of your time as long as it’s for a worthy cause. But sometimes, your generosity can turn into aggressiveness if, God forbid, you ever feel like you are being taken advantage of. Your transformation will then leave many people around you speechless…

Ready to make any sacrifices in the name of love, you look after your feelings as if they were the most precious thing on earth. As a result, you will sometimes put yourself in danger following your passion, trying to fulfill your need for adventure, ideal and perfection. When that is the case, you seem ready to give all you have, to leave everything behind or to jeopardize your own existence in order to fulfill the desires of the one you love. Such a burning passion could end up harming you. You have the impression that you can « see in the dark » and unveil all of the opposite sex’s mysteries. The object of your desire then becomes some sort of divinity, for whom you are ready to do absolutely anything as you cannot consider life without her.