Free Daily Horoscope

The Cancer Man


Dear Cancer, you are a sweet, faithful and loyal man. A real softie who devotes his body and soul to those he loves. What matters the most to you: your family, your household and your career.
In love, you are extremely sentimental, romantic and active. You come across as charming thanks to your enthusiastic and sweet nature, as well as your ability to pay attention to all of your partner’s desires. Highly sensitive, you know how to be on the same wavelength as your partner and fulfill her needs in a cuddly and passionate way. She can ask you for the Moon, you will go and get it: your lover helps you constantly renew your fantasies, your dreams and your passions.
You are the friend with a big heart. If someone close to you is in trouble or needs a favor, he can count on you, nothing will stop you as soon as you have decided to help him. Your sense of devotion is a prime asset when it comes to protect or fight for those you love. When that is the case, you turn into a real tiger: people are right to be afraid of you, and more importantly to respect you.

To seduce you, one must talk to you about your hobbies, your preferences, your liking for long winter evenings by the fireplace (or under the quilt). For you, life is only worth living with a multitude of children and in a cosy environment. Your partner will have to be a great collaborator as well as a wonderful mom.