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May 2019


The first half will give you enough to express your love and make up if things are chilly. For those who have managed to get past their recent crisis, this May is going to make their couple even closer, with a passion that shall make them relive their most promising moments. Singletons, Venus might have an unexpected encounter in store for you, which shall make you forget your less fulfilling past experiences. The new Aries is back!


The double Saturn/Pluto square continues to complicate lives of the 3rd decan. One cannot ignore the delays or the stormy relations with your superiors. However, thanks to Jupiter, you won't lack support or solutions to resolve these issues. Moreover, this star boosts your intellect and your training capacities. Eventually, you would have acquired knowledge and a new know-how. Each test is a chance to progress! You'll make good use.


Finances are the star sector of the month. They'll be just fine! There is money inflow without any issues. Your work brings money in and you always have an additional idea on how to garner more. This way, you won't hesitate giving your credit card a work out and will often forget to look at the price before paying for them. Watch out for your impulsive shopping, as the items won't always be reliable!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 12th: things are on the move with your finances. A buy, sale, good deals and business, this is the time to get interested! Week from the 13th until the 19th: Your financial sector is still in the limelight. Someone close offers you a transaction. Week from the 20th until the 26th: A very busy week, with many trips and new contacts. Interesting links are forged. Week from the 27th until the 31st: you'll let your emotionalism do the talking and you'll be delighted, but so will your loved ones...


Learn to go with the flow of your emotions and don't suppress them. Show your fragility as these aren't weaknesses. This is what you're about and your near and dear ones love and appreciate this. Let go off this exterior, it is distancing you from others instead of protecting you.

Overview *****

During this pleasant month of May, money issues will be prioritized. You won't lack any so you should be delighted and encouraged to invest. You'll think of real-estate but your loved ones may not completely agree, due to which there might be clashes at home during the second half of the month...In terms of your love life, if you've been through crisis previously, passion should be back! For singletons, the first half might have hell of a surprise in store for you!