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January 2019


Your love life is sunny! Couples, you still feel like getting away as soon as you get the chance. Going far away from your everyday life will strengthen your feelings and validate your decision that you're with the right person. Singletons, abroad, travel, change of scene will help you meet someone. More for the fun part rather than building a long lasting relationship. Jupiter gives you a great appetite and you want to get a taste of everything!


The double trine Venus/Mars/Jupiter gives you freedom to negotiate and win the deal. The foreign element plays a major role in your situation. Your reputation is growing. You're called upon, one wants you! A contract could make you happy, during the second part of the month. If you're looking for a job, Venus and Jupiter have a pleasant surprise in store for you. Stars support your approach and facilitate their achievement. You've got it all right!


Your bank account is on fire! You spend without counting. It's not the right method!Pluto and Mercury keep an eye on you, to call you to order. This is serious! Be responsible and replenish your accounts, so that you can begin things on a more healthier foundation. Especially since the results related to your job are quite reassuring so don't ruin everything!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 6th: on the 2nd, Mars arrives in your sign. You receive benefactor energy, in good faith!
Week from the 7th until the 13th: A past due reminder could come along. Don't wait up, it'll only worsen the situation.
Week from the 14th until the 20th: you could come across an extremely interesting offer. This will represent a new beginning.
Week from the 21st until the 31st: your projects are well-defined. You're moving forward!


An exceptional month which promotes achievement, progress and confidence in your capacities, which you don't need to prove. So just let the stars do their job and accompany their kick-off to achieve your goals. Channel your energy, temper your fervor and you'll move forward without any tumult and hitches toward your ambitious goals. Be more reasonable with your finances and everything should be fine!

Overview ******

What a beautiful start to the year! Your planet Mars settles down in your sign from 2nd January until the 15th February! Enough to boost your ambitions and make you begin the year at full throttle. Uranus (in your sign) becomes direct again, Venus and Jupiter get things moving. All these planets in the fire sign encourage you to begin new projects, take action and highlight yourself. Success is on the way!