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November 2018


Better to be warned, Uranus is going to come in your sign again on the 7th November and create chaos in your couples, by opposing Venus. Deep soul searching shall be necessary so that you don't move towards long lasting distance. A move might be in the air, so that you begin on a new foundation and start under the best of conditions. Singletons, your love life is like a roller coaster! Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst!


This month is important for your professional life. Impulses from Mars and Mercury will confirm your intuitions. You can already feel secure as your activity will be promising and lead to encouraging results. Useful contacts, bright ideas not to mention motivation which won't decrease. You're equipped to move forward peacefully but actively, towards targeted goals. Avoid showing off, jealous people aren't far away!


You can count on Mars and Mercury to turn you into the king of negotiation! You'll manage to play your cards right and obtain the advantages you were expecting. Moreover, Jupiter is well positioned and increases your chances for success. The latter is extremely beneficial as you earn money but it makes you spend the same amount as well! It's up to you to calculate your current expenses and save enough on the side and pamper yourself with the rest!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 11th: Interesting week from the financial viewpoint: refund or a juicy sale, anything is possible.
Week from the 12th until the 18th: Jupiter boosts your capacity and your talents. Don't be afraid to enforce them.
Week from the 19th until the 25th: The weekend is going to be great, from the relational viewpoint. Make the most of this!
Week from the 26th until the 30th: Note down your dreams, your subconscious will express key information.


In order to preserve the calm which slowly settled in after Uranus left in May, you'd better temper your reactions as the surprise star will come back in your sign 7th November onward and will oppose Venus. Don't react in the heat of the moment! The star might stress you out a little, don't hesitate to unwind physically, it'll do you a lot of good. But also smile, as it's relaxing!

Overview ****

Uranus will be back for a while and will shake up a well-established pace and resumed peace. Your love life will be affected but there isn't any reason to panic, however you'll need to review some things and do some soul searching, which will help you strengthen the on going affairs. Don't restrict yourself, on the contrary be bold and use your skills. The consequences will rule in your favor.