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July 2018


The first ten days of the month will offer you the best. Couples, you'll quiver on the same pace. Singletons, some pleasant dates will console you! The following will be a little restrained, you won't be as expressive as usual, your spontaneity will be reduced due to Venus passing through Virgo. However, Mercury will encourage you to express yourself to get rid of unsaid things, which seems to be a mood killer and reducing exchanges. It's summer, forget about your worries and smile!


Opposition from this sector make your life complicated...You wish this month of July was your holiday period. If you're at work, you'll still feel like bringing changes in your activity or even career for that matter. Mercury in Leo favors new learning, strengthens your creativity. As for Mars, the latter encourages you to reflect seriously in terms of the direction you wish to give your career. You're already getting ready for September, today onward!


Careful with expenses which seem important as you'll soon regret these. You might kick yourself for giving into the notion of emergency, as it's all relative...However, even if you encounter some financial difficulties, Mercury will help you find solutions to re-establish balance. Moreover, Jupiter replenishes your bank account but could encourage you to spend it right away. Tough to handle these opposite influences, but you're good at it, aren't you?

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 8th: Venus boosts your love life! This is the time to enjoy and give the best of yourself. You'll get as much pleasure as the person receiving it...
Week from the 9th until the 15th: tense atmosphere in the family...Try not being too bossy. Don't judge facts and gestures of your loved ones. Listen to them first!
Week from the 16th until the 22nd: you'll improve your home. You'll manage to combine the aesthetic and practical side. Great talent!
Week from the 23rd until the 31st: choose your words properly and initiate communication!


Have fun, relax but keep a close eye on your bank account! The family atmosphere will disturb you more often than you thought. So avoid being too frontal. Strive to defuse the situation and you'll be proud. It's summer, vacation time, get close to your loved ones as you've been neglecting for a while. Plan out a family gathering to strengthen ties.

Overview ****

Your best friend this month? Mercury! The stars evolves in Leo. Great configuration for your relations. Perfect timing as it's summer, an ideal period to make friends and meet kind people. As for your job, Saturn slows down the pace and Mars being in retrograde won't be able to change much. Either you're on holiday and that's good or you don't really know where you stand and you're thinking about changing careers. In your love life, your head is in the clouds until the 10th!