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March 2019


Until the 25th, at times you'll have the habit of confusing feelings and physical impulses, which could make your vision cloudy in terms of love. Couples, you're more busy and concerned by your work and evolution. You'll need to wait for the last five days so that your partner can feel your presence and love. Singletons, you don't feel ready to commit. You prefer enjoying your freedom and your senses. 26th onward,everyone is back to more romantic feelings and much more sensitivity.


Your professional evolution will seem obvious to you and the favorable conditions will be offered to you easily. But when you need to round off, you'll notice that there are delays but not because of you. So you'll use your sharp mind to get the business moving and make them move in the direction you want. Careful, you need to take action with a lot of diplomacy and discretion as your interlocutors will see what you're up to.


Jupiter protects your finances, this is a good thing. You'll have the habit of spending a lot throughout this month. Firstly, for the people you love. They deserve the best and you won't look at the prices. Moreover, some friends could increase the intensity of your impulsive buys, by encouraging you to spend money. You may buy the same thing as them or even better for yourself but the bill is going to be steep. Keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 10th: on the 5th, you'll have a hard time expressing your ideas. They might be misunderstood, especially if they concern the professional sector.
Week from the 11th until the 17th: on the 15th, you're glowing. You know where you stand and what you want.
Week from the 18th until the 24th: on the 21st, your family will monopolize you. Whether you like it or not. You need to spend time with them at all costs.
Week from the 25th until the 31st: on the 28th, avoid resisting and let go. What shall be, will be. So come to terms with this.


If you need to round off professional deals during this month, it's important that you show your partners that they'll be advantaged by sealing this deal with you. Otherwise, they might feel prejudiced or have the impression that you'll be the only one benefiting from this deal. Moreover, you might be clever currently but you shouldn't neglect the intelligence of your interlocutors, as they are too. Firstly because they won't appreciate it but also avoid the fact that the situation doesn't turn to your advantage.

Overview ****

Eventually, this March is going to be quite positive even if you have the habit of neglecting your love life until the 25th. Couples, you'll stick to being present. Singletons, your professional life will take up all your attention. All the natives will get the chance to progress, even if you can expect delays at the last minute. The balance of your finances will be subject to your need to spend. Your vitality should be sunny. You won't hesitate taking the right resolutions to feel even better.