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April 2024


For the unattached, this month brings a radiant energy to reinforce bonds of friendship and relish personal freedom. Nurture your passions and allow yourself time for personal projects. On the love front, couples will discover unexpected moments of joy around mid-month, thanks to the Moon sextile Mars, encouraging little celebrations that strengthen camaraderie. However, be sure to communicate clearly about your needs and desires to avoid any misconceptions under this energetic influence.


April urges you to focus on cultivating new skills and training. At the month's dawn, delve into areas where you yearn to advance. Midway through, take bold initiatives to apply what you've learned. The energy of Moon sextile Mars will be your ally. Toward the month's end, this endeavor could very well play a crucial role in a significant shift in your professional status. Dare to step out of your comfort zone!


April proves to be a favorable month for revising your consumption habits, especially by questioning the necessity of certain impulsive purchases. At the beginning of the month, becoming aware of minor unnecessary expenses could lead you to make more enlightened choices. Around mid-month, the beneficial influence of the Moon trine Jupiter encourages a wise decision regarding a modest but significant investment in your personal well-being. This period is ideal for investing in activities that enrich not only your wallet, but also your mind.

Astro Date

Three pivotal moments mark your month. On the 14th, an opportunity for clarification presents itself in your relationships. Conversations could untangle lingering situations. Then, on the 20th, your energy and confidence reach their zenith. It's the perfect time to embark on new projects or passions. However, the 27th brings a cautionary note: think before you act to avoid rash decisions. These days are opportunities for growth and progress on your personal journey.


This month, allow yourself moments of tranquility far from the daily tumult to counteract nervousness. The transit of the Moon square Neptune at the beginning of the month could heighten your sensitivity, making it more challenging to filter out negative energies. To regain balance, favor activities that center you and bring peace, such as walking in nature or meditating. Toward the middle of the month, you will feel a noticeable improvement, your overall well-being elevating due to better management of your reactions to daily stressors.

Overview ****

If there's ever a time to elevate your relationships and friendships to a higher level, it is indeed this month. Thanks to the Moon trine Mercury, excellent communication fluidity is at your disposal around April 17th. Show initiative, extend invitations, dare to express your feelings. On the other hand, keep an eye on the subtleties of the Moon square Venus in early April. Misunderstandings may arise if empathy is not on the agenda. Prioritize mutual listening and understanding to navigate these occasionally turbulent waters.