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May 2019


Be patient! The first half has some agitated moments in store for you. These won't be friendly moments if you're a couple. Your relationship might take a bad turn, it's up to you to put things back on an even keel 16th onward, when Venus will be in good terms with your sign. Your exchanges shall be fluid, not as in sync as you had hoped but things are on the right track. Singletons, after the 15th, your romantic sky shall be brighter.


Planets in Taurus will help you launch innovative plans, receive job offers if you're looking for one. You'll be able to present your strong points, highlight your skills and be unique. The rivals better be ready! The only drawback shall be for the 3rd decan, who might still suffer from the opposition from Saturn/Pluto. Due to which a contract or a promise might not materialize. Overall, this May is going to be positive.


Your efforts will help you improve your financial situation. Procedures, ongoing business should favor you. The second half will make you feel secure on your possibilities to launch a project, plan your next holidays or even invest in real-estate or a future investment. You know how to tighten your belt when it is required and wait for the right moment to buy a tempting beautiful object. Responsible, you'll reap the rewards of what you sowed.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 12th: on the 5th, the new Moon leads to new possibilities and you'd better examine them. They'll turn out to be positive. Week from the 13th until the 19th: Friendly relations highlighted. Ties strengthen and lead to projects. Week from the 20th until the 26th: on the 25th, you think of yourself! Forced or desired rest, you take time to recharge your batteries. Week from the 27th until the 31st: A colleague jealous of your results, might try to harm you...


Stop proving that you're better than the others and that you can handle everything alone. Of course, you have great skills but you're a human being with drawbacks and weaknesses. There is no shame in getting help,delegating or admitting that you don't know. This will give you the chance to learn new notions related to your activity and progress. Being more humble will be like wealth!

Overview ****

Sun and Mercury will be your main allies, to get involved in a project which is important to you and offer you the support you need. If you implement new initiatives, Uranus supports you and shall give you the keys so that you don't miss out on this! The financial sector will reward you for your efforts! In terms of love life, the first half shall be tense, then 16th onward, you'll feel more at peace with your partner.