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August 2019


The second decan might experience lonely moments, even around their loved ones. Couples could come across some clashes. However, singletons will be delighted by what the canopy of heaven has to offer. 19th onward, passion comes back in your life. You'll be hungry for love and intend to nourish yourself until you can't take it anymore. After all, summer means having fun too right? Rest can wait!


Mercury gives you all the power or almost! Good at managing, negotiating, organizing, you move forward with your professional tasks and your personal projects. 19th onward, you speed up your pace, Mars boosts your reflection, you don't waste time with procrastination, you take action! You can count on Jupiter to help you and make you come across the right people. All you need to do is make a go for it!


The financial sector is highlighted by the stars during this promising August. Thanks to a well-located Mercury, you're capable of organizing, negotiating, obtaining a loan or a raise. You refine your plans, prepare the ground and get ready for September. Your finances shouldn't come across any unpleasant surprise. For this, you'll need to listen to Saturn's orders and not spend the money you haven't even received, yet.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 11th: on the 7th, you'll find a solution for a tough file. You leap forward.
Week from the 12th until the 18th: on the 17th, a trip brings you a lot of happiness!
Week from the 19th until the 25th: on the 24th, love is much more sensual and steamy
Week from the 26th until the 31st: on the 31st,you'll be extremely efficient! Your rivals better hold on tight.


Live the present moment mindfully and stop pondering! This is what stars want from you so that you can be completely yourself and get rid of the things weighing you down. Give your mind a break and focus on your everyday actions. It'll give you the strength to move forward. You'll find what you need to be at peace with your life. It's definitely worth trying!

Overview ****

The financial sector is in the limelight. The period favors negotiations: obtaining interesting prices for works or a real estate buy, a promised raise or reaping support for an important project. In terms of your love life, Saturn complicates life for the 2nd decan. However, this August remains pleasant overall and becomes warmer, 19th onward. Singletons, you'll be insatiable!