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April 2018


There is no room for hesitations, false pretenses, little arrangements. Venus strengthens your ties while Mars breaks the routine by bringing a good dose of passion in your love life. Singletons, you hold all the cards in hand to meet someone. You accept the passes one makes at you but you remain honest with your suitor. There is no question for commitment but getting to know one another to see if you're compatible. Even if you have sensual affinities with the latter.


Lot of work, more sense of responsibility with great professional dedication, this is what awaits you during April. The initial idea is to break certain habits, initiate a change of direction. But it won't be that easy when one is as suspicious as you. You can expect conflicts with your professional entourage. Some clashes blow up due to a discussion during which you were bring too honest.


Careful and concerned about taking your experiences into account, you work on the costs that your projects might require. Whether this concerns your private life or professional investment, you don't want to get yourself involved financially without defining the ins and outs in advance. To rectify your situation, you settle, close up and consolidate by assuring yourself to find peace of mind for the coming months.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 8th: you really feel the need to do your own personal revolution. Calm down a little!
Week from the 9th until the 15th: Your judgments are pertinent. One would take them into account if they were less hurtful.
Week from the 16th until the 22nd: After hazards, you finally turn a page to begin with a clean foundation.
Week from the 23rd until the 30th: your desire to love and be loved is boosted by the way you care for your partner.


Hold on tight, things are going to shake up. This planetary hustle and bustle has the sole aim of putting you on the path of your desires. Forget about molding, turn a corner and grab onto the opportunities. Luck is by your side, this is the mantra you need to say every morning. With Saturn, you're serious, uncompromising and at times too strict, moreover you forget to go with the flow of good life. Grow on your optimism, flash an inner smile to easily exchange with others.

Overview **

You wish to rise to the various challenges in life. There may be many of them with Mercury in Aries who stands up to Saturn in your sign. Your decisions answer your thirst for change. You're ready to explore several paths to choose the right one. Your activities are destined to succeed provided you bank on time which becomes your ally. Despite the tensions, you remain motivated, you have the means for your ambitions. Your heart requires honesty and the truth.