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November 2018


The first half positions you in a delicate spot...You don't really know what you want, your bearings have been shaken up and a past relationship could resurface and trouble the balance in your relationship. You might consider getting some distance...16th onward, Mars moves into Pisces and makes you capable of making concessions or accepting situations without forcing things. The best would be to express your feelings without any restraint or cheating. The atmosphere improves, slowly but surely!


The beginning of the month will give you the impression of treading water...You'll work slowly or take a break, depending on the way you see things! However, Sun is well positioned in your sector and will make you dynamic and capable of moving forward with your projects. 16th onward, Mars visits Pisces and joins forces with Saturn and gives you the means to stand out. You'll feel stronger to ask for what is rightfully yours. Eventually, there won't be any harm done!


Stars make you realize that savings are necessary if you don't wish to deprive yourself at the end of the year. Until the 9th, Jupiter is still properly positioned and promises you interesting cash inflow. Good management will help you maintain a proper balance, especially since this year is going to be booming. It'll be a pity to ruin this and indulge in irrational spending. This isn't like you but at times you might be tempted. Be wise!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 11th: Uranus passes through Aries again and forces you to review an affair, which you thought was over. Past seems to catch up with you...
Week from the 12th until the 18th: Don't give into the temptation of spending left, right and center. The period doesn't favor such a slide!
Week from the 19th until the 25th: you'll come across an opportunity which you should seize, mainly at work. You shouldn't miss out on an opportunity or an offer.
Week from the 26th until the 30th: Breathe! The toughest part is over, December shall be better, so patience!


You need to keep this advise in mind: trust yourself no matter what, as you have the means to hold your head high again and continue moving forward. Take time for yourself, even if (and mainly), if you feel overwhelmed. Breathe, go for a walk, take a break, this way you'll be even more peaceful and efficient. Don't feel guilty about not being at your peak all the time. Like everyone, you have the right to feel swamped by events at times. You'll be able to make headway, against the current!

Overview **

A tense month in a way...Stars trigger turmoil in your life...Uranus comes in Aries again and forces you to think about your past, a family affair that you thought was over could resurface. Venus sulks and heralds an atmosphere which doesn't really favor affectionate gestures. Luckily, Sun supports you and 16th onward, Mars comes to your rescue. As for your projects and relations, you'll be satisfied. The second half will be easy going!