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September 2018


Your love will be definitely be the most satisfying during the first 10 days. Venus passing through your emotional sector, will provide you with the required openness and romanticism for your emotional balance. Couples, you feel in sync and the more you spend time together, the better you feel. Promising long term projects could see the light of the day. A new commitment as well. Singletons, you have a great chance at meeting someone striking. You'll feel light. After the 10th, you'll need to keep your eyes open at work.


During the first week, you'll get the impression that you're above the fray and that your ideas trigger interest from your colleagues. You're not wrong about this. You're very popular and you'll need to communicate as much as possible about them. 10th onward, you'll do your best for harmony to be present at work. Moreover, your creativity will increase. If you're in a profession related to arts or creation, you'll be greatly inspired. You'll then need to give life to them and your partners will follow you with your dreams.


10th onward, Venus and Jupiter continue bringing along luck and well-being of your finances. You could receive a bonus otherwise come across a sudden profit. Unless you were expecting this money, in which case it'll be more than what you had expected. You handle your budget wisely and smartly and if you continue this way, you'll be completely stable before the end of the month. Avoid spending too much for your friends or during outings. Some people might take advantage of your generosity.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 9th: on the 3rd, your energy attracts people. You're magnetic. Your partner is in love and if you're single, you need to get out of home.
Week from the 10th until the 16th: on the 16th, just because you're right doesn't mean that everyone else is wrong. You need to accept the viewpoint of your interlocutors.
Week from 17th until the 23rd: on the 20th, you're particularly methodical. You won't leave anything to chance and each detail matters to you.
Week from thee 24th until the 30th: on the 25th, you need to relax with your best friends. Accept their invitations.


You'll be in a very creative period, professionally speaking. You'll have many interesting ideas. But you need to forge ahead to turn them into reality. Otherwise, nothing will work out and it'll be a loss for everyone. Moreover, stars have been encouraging you to let go off your fears since two years now and shaking up your routine, your apprehensions and even traditions. Surpass others and trust yourself. But don't forget about your projects. You really won't regret it.

Overview ******

A pleasant September full of surprises. Your love life will be great, especially during the first 10 days. Couples are in love and in sync while singletons are appealing and they could come across a striking encounter. You're physically and mentally very energetic and your finances are progressing in a major way. At work, you'll be very creative and you should express your ideas, give them a life of their own .This could help you turn an important corner.