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February 2018


When Venus is in Aquarius, your love life is generally better. This is what will happen until the 10th. Couples, you'll be more present and romantic. The more you're together, the better you feel. Singletons, you should come across an important encounter. 11th onwards, you'll be more interested by your career rather than your emotional life. But this won't prevent you from following what you had already started. If you're still single, you might come across someone who'll impress you by his background and reassuring vibes.


You feel good and free at work. You're creative, you have a head start on others and a great knack at finding out what your collaborators and clients like. Moreover, you can expect to score some points this month. In addition, you feel ready to take responsibilities and progress. You wish to achieve some perfection and finish what you have begun, rather than dump it for something else which interests you. This new policy will trigger a lot of success and your persistence will do wonders.


You surely feel like spending money but you'll do it sparingly as you don't want to once again almost run out. This will often concern your well-being and comfort. Throughout this month, you'll get opportunities to earn more through one way or another. Mainly 19th onwards, you won't hesitate to talk to your superiors or your sponsors and will be daring enough to explain your viewpoint to them and your desire to earn more money.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 4th: on the 1st, you're curious about everything and one can't prevent you from discussing with everybody. Your address book is filling up.
Week from the 5th until the 11th: on the 5th, you position your love life as your major concern. Nothing will be able to come in your way and this will be a success.
Week from the 12th until the 18th: on the 15th, the new Moon in Aquarius makes you human and romantic. You hypnotize your partner.
Week from the 19th until the 28th: on the 24th, you're the center of attention. You let out a sense of mystery and intrigue those people who don't know you.


Very often in your life, your curiosity made you give up on what you were doing to go towards novelty. At the end, you didn't reap any rewards as you didn't see things through. But in February, you'll change your tune and will finish the things you're doing successfully. This wisdom and perseverance will finally bring you the success and recognition you deserve but this is something you never received until now. Moreover, pursue your tasks without stopping.

Overview ****

Here's an interesting month which will grant you action, reason and perseverance. Indeed, you'll decide to undertake and see new professional projects through. This will provide you with promising victories. As for your love life, the first ten days should be excellent in your couple while singletons will probably come across someone important. Your money has all the assets to grow. This will be due to the efforts you put in at work. When it comes to your well-being, you need to set limits with people who are too demanding, to protect yourself.