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November 2017


Make the most of the first week while Venus is still in your emotional sector. You're attractive, charismatic and romantic. 7th onwards, you won't lose your charm but you won't realize its potential as much. Couples, you'll mainly keep a watch over your partner's everyday well-being. You'll do everything for the latter to be happy. Singletons, you might meet someone important through your work. Don't look in advance, it'll happen suddenly when you least expect it.


During the first five days, you'll be very efficient while working. Your intellect and creativity will be at their peak. After this, you'll feel inspired and come up with groundbreaking ideas, especially if you're an artist. Moreover, your ability to negotiate will increase. Whether it's for agreements or contracts, you'll find the perfect arguments to convince your partners. If you're looking for a job, favor interviews 7th onwards as you should succeed.


You need to weigh the pros and cons with your finances. Indeed, you have the habit of spending money, borrowing money or partnering up way too quickly. You'll react in the heat of the moment, without thinking about the future. This could cause problems. Moreover, you need to take the time to think calmly before saying yes or no. But mainly, make sure that the people who encourage you to spend don't take advantage of your generosity, feelings or sensitivity.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 12th: on the 5th, you'll be the center of attention. Whether it's at work, home or with your friends, they'll all be looking at you.
Week from the 13th until the 19th: on the 14th, Moon will encourage you to be romantic. Go with the flow of your feelings and desires.
Week from the 20th until the 26th: on the 20th, some professional agreements and deals might be confirmed. Trust your partners.
Week from the 27th until the 30th: on the 29th, accept friendly invitations. You'll spend great moments.


November is an important month. Firstly because it is good omen and it'll allow you to enjoy life and its pleasures while moving forward with your projects. Secondly, it's the second complete month before Saturn leaves Sagittarius on the 20th December. Don't forget that the latter allows you to sort out things and get rid of those elements which have become useless in your life and are coming in your way of progress. Moreover in November, you'll be able to follow even finish this obligatory mix but cheerfully and happily. Relish every minute.

Overview ******

You should like this November, as it'll be filled with love, adventures and creativity. You'll be really inspired while working, always ready to agree on original ideas. There might be new partnerships. Couples, you'll keep an eye on your sweetheart's well-being while singletons might meet someone through work. You'll be extremely energetic. Morale and physique will go hand in hand. However, careful about not getting manipulated as far as finances are concerned.