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April 2024


The resonations of the Moon sextile Venus, especially sensitive around mid-month, illuminate your emotional relationships. For the unattached, this period is ideal for expanding your social circle and perhaps encountering someone who catches your eye. Seize the opportunity to delve into new activities where love might take you by surprise. Couples will discover a gentle harmony. It's the perfect moment to strengthen bonds through tender gestures and shared quality moments.


At the break of the month, a tension might be perceived in your professional surroundings. The Moon-Mars conjunction calls for caution before acting impulsively, especially if abrupt changes occur. By mid-April, reassess your priorities and stay open to the new opportunities that present themselves. Towards the month's end, the energy is more favorable for initiating projects or solidifying your position. Remain grounded and patient. The exerted efforts will begin to bear fruit.


In a month where the wind of change blows due to the Moon sextile Saturn, paying attention to your finances becomes crucial without necessarily resorting to austerity. It's time to rethink your relationship with consumption: why not favor exchanges, bartering, or buying second-hand for certain goods? This is a favorable period to revisit your hidden talents which, who knows, could turn into small sources of income. Keep an eye on your daily expenses. Wise management this month will strengthen your financial security for the days to come.

Astro Date

This month holds key moments you won't want to miss. On the 7th, an unexpected encounter could stir new desires or rekindle the passion in your love life, benefiting from a favorable cosmic energy. Around the 15th, a professional challenge presents itself, calling for creativity and teamwork for effective resolution. View it as an opportunity for growth. Finally, the 28th promises a financial revelation or sound advice from a loved one that could significantly improve your personal resource management.


As the month kicks off, the Moon in conjunction with Neptune may stir up a deep-seated need to decompress from daily tensions. It's the perfect time to reconnect with nature, be it through a leisurely stroll in a park or engaging in calming gardening. This shift towards earthly elements will help you regain balance and tranquility, particularly towards the end of the month when the energy becomes more harmonious and conducive to overall well-being.

Overview ***

From the onset of the month, you might sense a tension between your desire for familial harmony and certain internal disagreements, epitomized by the Moon square Venus. Yet, opportunities for understanding and dialogue are bolstered by the Moon trine Jupiter around April 20th. Advice: listen closely and prioritize tenderness in your interactions to transform these challenges into moments of emotional bond strengthening.