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March 2019


Until the 26th, Venus will be under good aspects with your sky. The latter will make you affectionate, romantic and you'll want to love and be loved for the right reasons. Couples, Jupiter protects your couple, brings prosperity, nice feelings and strengthens the sweetness which already exists. New projects will see the light of the day. Singletons, your charm makes you even more attractive and your willingness to begin a new relationship is based on sincerity and a search for true happiness. There is a big chance that you meet the ideal person for this.


You'll work strategically and it'll be rewarding, throughout this month. You'll know where to place your money and interests, so that your career and business progress. Major luck is present to make you come across the people who can help your professional well-being and you'll be able to use all your assets to achieve your ends. Whether it's your legendary intelligence, your charm or communication skills. You'll come up with ground breaking and humane ideas, which will make others respect and admire you.


You have the habit of misjudging what you need to pay or overestimate your revenues. Suffice to say that you need to be careful. Don't get involved in debts which you won't be able to pay or those which could be significant. Don't have too many of them and this way feel lighter and freer, so that you avoid the feeling of a knife at your throat. Moreover, don't spend the money you haven't received yet. You're particularly optimistic, but some delay is possible. Moreover, wait to see this money to actually believe it.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 10th: on the 5th, careful with what yous say or what you understand. Your communication isn't clear and you might misunderstand what one tells you.
Week from the 11th until the 17th: on the 13th, you're magnetic and nothing or nobody can resist you. Use sweetness to achieve your goals.
Week from the 18th until the 24th: on the 19th, your love life brings you a lot of satisfaction. You feel happy, you're touching and romantic.
Week from the 25th until the 31st: on the 26th, it'll be good to listen to your partners, regardless of the sector. Their vision is sharper than yours.


This March is going to be promising, mainly for everything related to your profession, your progress and signing new agreements. Your communication skills in these areas will do wonders, except for the 5th. Suffice to say, this isn't the time to remain shut up or cooped up in your comfort zone. On the contrary, you need to head in all the directions and towards the people who might be able to help you and give you advise. You have the means to implement very positive conditions, which shall last several years.

Overview ****

This March is going to be filled with surprises and new commitments. Couples, you wish to head further. Singletons, you might meet someone passionate. At work, stars have lined up to make you come across influential people who can boost your business and plans. In terms of finances, you might lack objectivity at times. Your optimism will make you indulge in blunders. Your vitality will be great, as long as you don't overstep your limits and stick to the present.