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February 2018


Your love life will be rich until the 10th. You feel romantic and in love. You yearn for harmony and well-being. Couples, you bill and coo like lovebirds and have discussions for hours. Singletons, you can feel that love isn't far away and that you'll soon meet someone. You're right about that. After this, both of you will make plans to improve your everyday life and comfort to create a more cozy atmosphere for your love nest. Singletons, you might come across a heart stopper at work. Keep your eyes open.


If you're in a job related to arts, creation or communication, you won't forget this February as you'll be really inspired. One idea after the other throughout the month and you'll do what you can to implement these. If this isn't your case, you'll be sharp, creative and will get a head start. You'll be extremely sincere while working and shall be congratulated for this. Even if you don't reap rewards immediately, you'll still be scoring points for the future.


Your finances are balanced and protected by Jupiter. Even if you spend money, you'll wind up with money quite easily. Looks like some luck is by your side. However, you'll have the habit of spending a little too much for your emotional life until the 10th. If you're not careful, it could cost you more than you expected. Moreover, it'll be good to calm down your generosity even if you wish to please your partner for Valentines day or outings if you're single. As it could be a while before you get back on your feet.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 4th: on the 4th, you feel loved and appreciated by your entourage. You're attractive and you're extremely charismatic.
Week from the 5th until the 11th: on the 9th, you're curious about everything and you make new contacts. Do you feel like doing a training?
Week from the 12th until the 18th: on the 15th, due to the new Moon in Aquarius your partner or new date finds you even more appealing and romantic.
Week from the 19th until the 28th: on the 24th, you're attentive to other people's needs and especially the ones of your entourage.


During this February, you realize your true professional value and of everything that you're capable. But also the fact that perhaps you don't feel in your rightful place with your current activities and that you deserve better. Good for you, as you're in a period of change which will lead you to other heavens in the coming years. Moreover, stars encourage you to be more constructive while thinking without burying your head. As eventually, you'll need to create these changes. It'll be better if it's your own initiative rather than feel obliged later on.

Overview ******

You'll surely appreciate February as it'll be sweet and pleasant. Your love life will be riding high. Couples, you feel in love and complicit so you begin projects together. Singletons, you could meet someone and feel that you're falling in love. At work, you'll be inventive, charming and your popularity will increase. Your finances are fine but don't go overboard with spending. As for your energy, it's promising and will make you sparkle.