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November 2018


Uranus plows back Aries, who is in keeping with your couple sector. Does that mean that your couple is once again going to come across tumults like the recent past? No! You shouldn't need to worry. Uranus is here to make sure that you've settled scores in one way or another, and that you're ready to shakeup your habits and patterns in life, to take a whole new path which is exciting and in keeping with your expectations. Thanks Uranus!


With Jupiter entering its favorite sign, you should come across promising opportunities. You're expanding on your contacts. Influential people join your entourage and give you the chance to move forward more quickly, thanks to these decisive encounters. Until the 15th, Mars boosts your creativity, encourages you to be more unique, forge ahead without asking yourself usual questions, which slow you down. You might be interested by a training, don't be too long to register!


If you need to negotiate, you'll be great! Good deals are on their way! It's true that you won't prevent yourself from spending on beautiful things. Incorrigible! But you can allow yourself to do so as your finances shouldn't cause you any particular issue. You know your limits and with Saturn and Pluto's attentiveness, you won't just do anything. If your work involves a clientele, your business will work well!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 11th: Jupiter boosts your network, introduces you to an influential world!
Week from the 12th until the 18th: Your schedule might be shaken up due to delays or cancellations. Use this time to take a look at the things lying around in your drawers!
Week from the 19th until the 25th: Are you tempted by a training? Go for it! There won't be enough to round.
Week from the 26th until the 30th: One of your ideas might be highlighted. Finally, success!


Learn to welcome what life has to offer you without asking yourself too many questions and mostly without hesitating forever. This November demands you to give quick answers, commitments and well-thought decisions. Show what you're capable of without presuming reactions and results. Be bold and you'll be heard!

Overview *****

You're probably apprehensive about Uranus's return in Aries on the 7th of November, as the latter really bothered you these last few years! Well no, on the contrary, you'll be delighted. This planet's impulses will be more stimulating and overturning. Jupiter will be a back up in Sagittarius and this shall help. Your life is changing and new opportunities are coming along. You're offered a new start by your canopy of heaven. In your love life, Venus accompanies you and promises you the best.