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January 2019


The Venus/Jupiter duo is a good omen for your love life. It'll make up for the disturbances triggered by Mars and Uranus, which piques your couple by triggering a problem, which you thought was over. You'll finally be done with this, 7th March onward. Meanwhile, take a step back to clarify the situation. Home is a place with restlessness and issues which need to be solved. Stick together, ties will strengthen. Singletons, be less demanding with the qualities you expect!


You feel as if your hands are tied and you can't take action as you please while you're convinced that the direction you wish to take is the best in your case. With Mars and Uranus in opposition, you might be tempted to rebel and force your way through. Luckily, Venus/Jupiter assuage your momentum and convince you to negotiate, save time. You win some you lose some, your ideas are acknowledged.


You don't give much importance to your finances, until the 6th. Then, bills and reminders force you to and you have to take care of them. Getting back the money one owes you and immediately giving it to those who are waiting with more or less patience and understanding...Don't miss out on payment dates otherwise you'll need to pay penalties which will shake up your accounts even more. With proper management, seriousness and help from Venus/Jupiter who are well positioned, the situation will quickly improve.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 6th: Don't neglect your accounts. Review them often before you're forced to...
Week from the 7th until the 13th: Venus helps you temper your impetus. You bite the bullet, it's more efficient and relaxing!
Week from the 14th until the 20th: A desire (a need?) to move, a change of scene will be on the agenda.
Week from the 21st until the 31st: on the 22nd, a great day for your love life. You know where you stand!


Don't give into the provocation from Mars and Uranus. Listen to the wise advise from the Venus/Jupiter tandem. Your accommodating nature will be highlighted by the canopy of heaven. Don't neglect this. On the contrary, be more diplomatic than ever. Negotiate, communicate, listen, you'll do wonders during tense or delicate situations. You'll be the best mediator! Time will favor you in this case. Useless being hasty or getting angry. Remain zen!

Overview ****

Beneficial influence from Sagittarius and the stars intensifies your ability to make contacts, forge ties, find compromise in sensitive situations. You deserve your title of being the champion at diplomacy, more than ever, despite Mars and Uranus in opposition. All this to say, you're gifted! In love, taking a step back to review your couple will be wise. In terms of health, take care of your back, sit up straight!