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November 2017


You'll be an epicurean in all the areas of life and will feel like enjoying life as much as possible. Your finances are fine so you'll surely pamper your loved ones. Couples, both of you deserve the best. You'll plan outings, evenings at a restaurant or a little trip. It'll give you a chance to spend time together in great conditions. Singletons, you'll invest in everything which makes you look good and you'll hang out in pleasant spots where you could meet someone.


During most of the month, your work should bring you a lot of satisfaction, peace and money. You'll feel good about your tasks and you'll find the perfect words to express your ideas. You might even feel like doing a short training or internship. But between the 28th until the 30th, you might suddenly get a chance to progress. At first, it might seem a little crazy to you but when you mull over it, you'll realize that it's something you've been wanting for a long time.


Your finances are fine. In fact more than fine. Three planets will bring you a significant sum of money, which will allow you to take care of yourself and share the pleasures of life with the people you love. Moreover, a lot of luck is by your side. You might receive interesting financial opportunities, a bonus or an unexpected raise. The perfect month to buy a lottery ticket, especially between the 10th and the 13th. However, try to keep some control.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 12th: on the 6th, you feel like taking a break and going far away. You might plan a trip.
Week from the 13th until the 19th: on the 18th, your finances are in the limelight. You might receive an interesting proposal or a bright idea to yield profit.
Week from the 20th until the 26th: on the 24th, your emotional life will be your priority. You're in love and romantic.
Week from the 27th until the 30th: from the 28th until the 30th, don't get thrown off balance by a certain novelty in your work. In the long run, you'll be delighted.


November will offer you the possibility to move forward peacefully. Your finances will be perfectly fine and your imagination remains fertile. It'll be wise to take advantage of the latter before things slow down end December for two years. Moreover, stars strongly encourage you to grab onto all the opportunities that come along or create them. The things you put in place until the end of the year will allow you to be a new person. Even if you're not certain about everything, your vision will clarify during the first months of 2018.

Overview ******

November will provide you with many benefits, security and money. Your finances are fine and you wish to enjoy as much as possible. Couples will plan out outings or even a romantic getaway. Singletons, you'll pamper yourself and attract looks. You feel good while working. But at the end of the month, you'll really want a change of scene. As for your vitality, it's in great shape and you're attentive to your well-being.