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September 2018


During the first ten days of the month, Venus will finish her race in your sign. The latter will provide you extreme charm and you'll feel romantic. Couples, all you'll want to do is bill and coo together. But maybe your partner isn't as available as you'd want the latter to be. Singletons, promising encounters could take place. You feel like falling in love. Then you'll make a lot of efforts to reinforce what you went through during the first thirds. You'll spend a lot of money on your well-being and appearance.


Until the 22nd, you'll have the habit of letting go at will, without asking yourself questions. You decided to begin this September calmly and in hindsight and you'll do things well. However, 23rd onward, you'll get a grip on things. You'll be on all fronts and you'll be able to use your creativity and rigor as days go by. This shall probably lead to very good results. However, throughout this month, avoid asking your loved ones for their advise in terms of career guidance.


You'll often have the feeling that you deserve nothing but the best. You'll feel like pampering and showcasing yourself. Given that you can allow yourself this, you won't hesitate a second to take action. However, make sure you don't overstep some limits as November onward Jupiter will stop protecting your finances and you might pay the cost. Moreover, it'll be good to use this prosperous month to plan the future. Some important plans might require more money than you thought. Think about this today onward.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 9th: on the 7th, your friends will be very present. They need to spend time with you and so do you. Accept the invitations.
Week from the 10th until the 16th: on the 12th, you have the impression that the horizon opens in front of you and that you're capable of achieving almost everything.
Week from the 17th until the 23rd: on the 18th, don't pay attention to the opinion of your loved ones. Better: don't ask them. They don't want you taking any risks and this could immobilize you professionally.
Week from the 24th until the 30th: on the 30th, you're able to anticipate the needs of the people around you. You're popular.


You know you need to give your life a new direction in many areas. But it looks as if you're waiting for things to happen on their own, by some miracle. In terms of feelings, you need to put your couple in order. Singletons, you'll need to do what needs to be done to meet people. Same thing in your professional life: it'll be up to you to take action and especially don't wait for some loved ones to do it for you. Moreover, stars encourage you to get a grip on things, in a dynamic way. The more control you have on your projects, the better it'll be.

Overview ****

Happy Birthday, natives of the first decan! This month is going to be eventful. Especially at work, as you'll take things slowly during the first half and then you'll speed them up during the second. Your love life will be great until the 10th. Then you'll materialize what already exists. You won't really be worried about your finances and you'll want to enjoy yourself. You'll be energetic 12th onward and it'll guarantee great vitality. It'll be up to you to take action.