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April 2018


Venus is also your planet. In Taurus, it'll be benevolent with you. Your relationship is healthy and reassuring. There aren't major effusions of feelings but simple and harmonious happiness together. Singletons, an encounter sees the light of the day, but you have doubts about this person. You usually hate clashes, the latter's bossiness makes you keep your distance. 24th onwards, during its stay in Gemini, you'll aspire for more fantasy, improvisation, romantic games.


Due to the strong opposition touching your sign, there are disturbances. But you know more than anyone, how to navigate between counter-currents and even reverse some situations to your advantage. This requires a lot of work, you work like crazy. The results aren't always as high as your expectations. At times, you're discouraged but you don't give up as you're sure that your efforts will end up being rewarded one day or the other.


This April brings you good news with Venus and Jupiter who visit your financial sectors. Gifts, help, donations, money inflow thanks to your additional hours, anything is possible. However, their generosity and excesses give you the desire to squander away your money and forget about your duties, daily expenses. Watch out for warnings, if you're living beyond your affording capacity or if you leave your invoices lying around.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 8th: tiniest of details are indicators and you need to pay a lot more attention to this.
Week from the 9th until the 15th: Every relation requires efforts from both sides. Don't be uncompromising.
Week from the 16th until the 22nd: you're called upon to take up a challenge which is in your lines of expertise and very stimulating.
Week from the 23rd until the 30th: a material choice keeps your mind busy and prevents you from thinking what's not right elsewhere.


Under the opposition of Mercury in Aries, your aggressive remarks don't do any good to you or your entourage. To ease them, draw on the sources of your nature to harmonize dream and reality. Diplomatic, altruistic, fair, these are the qualities which lead to success. Defrost the tensions. If you were to root out the evil, you can move forward. A work of art, whittling projects, alchemist by renewing your feelings requires you to focus so that you can round off your task.

Overview **

Many things seem complicated to you during April. Projects get stuck on the way, people who had to help you will let you down. Nothing surprising with Sun and Mercury conspiring against you in Aries. But stars help you take drastic action. To obtain concrete results, you turn the tables, without being scared. You won't hesitate to question some aspects of your life. The changes that you trigger will seem drastic to some people.