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April 2024


At the dawn of the month, the Moon-Venus square calls for caution in relationships: tensions may arise. For those unattached, it's the opportunity to cherish your freedom and dedicate yourself to your passions. For those in a relationship, communicate openly to overcome misunderstandings. Mid-month, a more serene atmosphere promotes new encounters and strengthens existing bonds. The end of the month is conducive to romantic flourishing. Allow yourself to be taken aback by the intensity of shared emotions.


The start of the month will demand diligent work, with Mars in Pisces fueling your dynamism. Approach your responsibilities with strictness, while maintaining a certain restraint: revealing too much could be detrimental. By mid-April, your diligence will begin to gain recognition. The end of the month will be a favorable phase to strengthen your professional bonds and widen your network of contacts, unveiling promising opportunities for the future. Dealing with dissatisfaction at work can be delicate, but do not lose hope. Better days are waiting for you.....


At the beginning of the month, the temptation to invest in hobbies or special events might weigh heavily on your budget, particularly with Venus in Pisces favoring pleasures. Resist the urge to spend recklessly and consider planning for the future. Mid-month, a more enlightened management becomes possible, making the most of your resources. Toward the end of the month, a balance sets in. You discover creative ways to marry pleasure with financial prudence, stabilizing your accounts.

Astro Date

This month kicks off under promising auspices. On April 7th, a perfect harmony between emotions and ambitions takes shape, paving the way for fruitful initiatives. Come April 15th, take a moment to reassess your finances: a careful glance could unveil unsuspected opportunities. Lastly, April 29th looms as a pivotal day for relationships: sincere dialogues will strengthen existing bonds and might even weave new ones. Take advantage of these key moments to advance serenely in your projects.


This month, the astral dynamic underscores the importance of balance between activity and rest. At the start of the month, the Moon-Neptune square could bring about a sensation of emotional drift, prompting a retreat into tranquility. This is the ideal time to incorporate gentle practices that recenter, such as walking in nature or morning stretches. Mid-month, a resurgence of energy makes itself known. Seize this opportunity to set realistic wellness goals. The end of the month is perfect for celebrating your personal progress and savoring a reinvigorated confidence in your wellness routine.....

Overview ****

With the Moon-Jupiter trine taking center stage in the latter half of the month, brace yourself for a period of growth and optimism, particularly noticeable in your interactions. However, the Moon-Neptune square at the beginning and end of the month does hint at possible misunderstandings. Stay alert to details and clear in your communications to sidestep any confusion. Cherished moments spent with loved ones will be invaluable. Don't let minor disagreements tarnish them.