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January 2019


In case of a recent encounter, you might find out that the person lied to you or took you for a ride, which sums up to the same thing in the end. You trust way too easily and believe in others, you're not careful enough. Take the time to get to know people so that there is no room for disillusionment. Couples, you don't know where you stand in your relationship, you ask yourself way too many questions for which you don't have any answers...


You're kindness personified. So you never suspect anyone to be ill-willed. However, you might realize that someone is trying to cheat or use you. Avoid talking about yourself, stick to mundane things so that nobody can use what you say against you. You can count on the Sun/Mercury duo to defend yourself, enter the fray and stop tongues wagging!


This sector should bring you a lot of satisfaction. Indeed, during mid-month, an amount of money you weren't expecting anymore comes into your account and helps you breathe financially. If you were to establish an approach, negotiate or ask for a favor to your banker or an institution, you should know that it will be accepted. You'll defend your case perfectly. You inspire confidence, one won't be able to refuse you anything.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 6th: Mercury makes negotiations easier, don't hesitate to make yourself heard and assert who you think you are.
Week from the 7th until the 13th: you're concerned with your emotional life, whether you're a couple or single. Talk to a faithful friend about this.
Week from the 14th until the 20th: money flows in and you weren't expecting or hoping for this. You'll be delighted!
Week from the 21st until the 31st: Think of yourself! Relax, enjoy pleasant moments, you deserve this.


You mustn't be the one who takes the blows, anymore! Shoulders back, defend yourself, you have the means to go about things smartly, without any violence. You're known to be the permanent dreamer. Show everyone that when you're awake, you can be fierce with those asking for it! Defend your rights in a subtle, discreet and efficient manner, assert yourself. You'll be only loved more for this!

Overview ***

Due to an upsetting aspect between Jupiter and Neptune, this January requires you to be very careful in all the areas of your life. Whether it's your professional activity where one can try to mislead you, your love life might disappoint you or you could suspect your family of lying to you. You need to keep your eyes wide open and not be too compassionate. Your entourage might take advantage of this...Finances will bring a smile back on your face!