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September 2018


Here's a particularly happy month for your love life, as Venus will be in good aspects with your sky 10th onward. You'll be romantic and very kind with the people you love. Couples, your partner will be delighted by your presence but also by your sweet and honest feelings. Singletons, you'll attract looks but also hearts. You might even meet someone who comes from far away or with an unusual background. This will bring in exoticism in your relations, for your pleasure.


You'll feel so good in your personal life, that you won't worry much about your professional life. Actually, you'll want days to go by as usual so that nobody can tarnish this. It won't make an impact on the future and you'll be able to grant yourself this right to slowly resume your activities. 23rd onward, you'll begin to raise yourself and will want other things rather than the mundane grind. You'll gradually lean more on realism and seize the reins of your activities.


Your finances are quite fine currently. You make do with very little and being with the people you love is enough for you. You won't feel the need to spend money. However 22nd onward, you'll be interested by the state of your business. You'll even plan out a few projects. But mostly, you'll try to get back the money that one perhaps owes you. Especially if it's the public administration. It's not certain that you'll win the case in September, but at least you'll make your case move forward.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 9th: on the 5th, you have affectionate and sincere feelings. You show your near and dear ones that you love them. Singletons, you have feelings for someone.
Week from the 10th until the 16th: on the 13th, you want to enjoy life and you postpone the little mundane disturbances.
Week from the 17th until the 23rd: on the 19th, a situation forces you to come out of your bubble and implement tangible and serious actions.
Week from the 24th until the 30th: on the 24th, you feel in great shape. You're optimistic and nothing seems impossible to you.


You yearn for peace, sweetness and extending summer in this promising month of September. You're completely entitled to do so as you can't always be on your feet. But an inner voice deep down makes you feel guilty. Moreover, stars encourage you to make a firm decision: either be 100% in the action, or listen to yourself and opt for some vegging out. It'll be about not going back on your decision during any circumstance. At least, this way you'll make peace with your conscience ad will respect the pact you made with yourself.

Overview *****

This September will be very pleasant. You'll extend your holidays with the desire to still enjoy summer. Your love life will be great and this will be the most important for you. Couples will get along wonderfully. Singletons, dates and exoticism are in the air. You won't worry while working. You'll go with the flow of the future. As for your finances, you'll maintain balance and will do your best to get back the money one owes you. Your energy level will be uneven and some chronic issues could resurface.