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May 2019


Your love life is going well! Couples, you enjoy playing cat and mouse to arouse each other's senses and spice things up through fantasy and some naughtiness in your couple. 16th onward, sensuality and passion shall maintain your couple in romantic harmony, which will trigger envy around. More complicit than ever, both of you will be happy. Singletons, a heart stopper awaits you with someone who isn't far from you but you don't know the latter...


Several planets in the Earth sign support your actions, favor contacts, procedures and ensure results which match up to your dedication. These financial benefits, boost your working power and motivation. You give the best of yourself. 16th onward, Mars boosts your energy. The only drawback comes from the Neptune/Jupiter square who warns you against illusions or steering errors. You might be the victim of lies or duplicity.


Besides from the Jupiter/Neptune square that you shouldn't neglect and who warn you against swindles or illusions, the rest of the astral sky is favorable in terms of your finances. Your dedication at work, your choices and efforts lead to excellent results, so you'll need to yield profit and not waste them as you might feel like doing. Don't buy everything which tempts you!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 12th: on the 5th, you'll feel like getting closer to nature. Gardening, taking a walk, taking photos. So do it! Week from the 13th until the 19th: on the 18th, family requires attention. An affair needs to be clarified...Week from the 20th until the 26th: an offer might catch your attention. Examine this from every angle! Week from the 27th until the 31st: be alert, watch out for a possible swindle. Don't sign anything!


Don't give the disturbances importance during the first half. Remind yourself that 16th onward, everything will fall into place. Don't let your sensitivity and kindness make you the victim of ill-willed people. Learning to say no is important for you. It'll help you position yourself and realize who is worth trusting and worth your friendship. Believe in yourself. Follow your intuition, don't get influenced!

Overview *****

Most of the planets support you! The first half will seem a little more complicated to you, due to Mars's square (until the 16th), but you'll have what it takes to confront this with dominant Earth. You'll be very busy with your job, which will prove that you were right in taking action. Your intuition is very reliable. In terms of your love life, 16th onward your relationship will be fulfilling. Singletons, a heart stopper for someone around you is on the agenda!