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April 2018


The atmosphere will be romantic, you vibrate in unison with your partner. To break away from the routine or simply add fantasy to your couple life, you show a lot of imagination, you keep your cards close to your chest by being more naughty than what you wish to show. If you're looking for love, you base on Aries's audacity, Venus's gentleness and Neptune's mystery. Result: Cupid fires off his arrow and you're delighted.


You need to overcome a series of hurdles. With pertinent words, punchy actions, you activate your network you get in touch with a panel of colleagues or collaborators. Supported by Jupiter, you play your role with trust and confidence. If you're looking for a job, you'll receive offers. If you have a job, new methods will help you gain efficiency. The signals are green for interesting changes and conclusive results.


Some financial complications cast a cloud over your month of April. You don't want to feel discouraged by the money issues. However, you need to step into the breach to defend your interests since there is a deadline to initialize an approach. The dispute can be legal, administrative or financial. It'll be a pity to bury your head in the sand, as you can obtain satisfaction, reap finances or get reimbursed.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 8th: You're great at putting things in perspective, encouraging those who work with you.
Week from the 9th until the 15th: Your loved ones are there to give you affection, you need it and you can't put a price on this!
Week from the 16th until the 22nd: if you have a wish to fulfill, this is the time to express it openly.
Week from the 23rd until the 30th: don't get distracted by emotional consideration: it could turn against you.


Bid goodbye to your old self. Forget about your shyness, get rid of your fears. Put aside discretion and low-amplitude movements. This is finally the time to show your true colors, the one that you are inside you. This dynamic Aries gives you the chance to give up on your habits which paralyze you. A festive dimension brings additional complicity in your relations. Take the plunge in your love life. Love while laughing, it's more fun.

Overview *****

You really wish to change the pace of your life. However, to avoid scattering yourself, you need to absolutely channel your energies, your actions to respect a coherent and constructive course of action. Encouraging notes of Mercury in Aries gives you a punchy spirit. Tiredness, dry spell or stroke of blues and you're fine after that. You're equipped to triumph by enhancing efforts constantly, boosting your ego and forgetting about bad remarks or influences.