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July 2018


This July will have a hard time keeping its promises...Sun is well placed and heralds happy days in a pleasant and warm atmosphere. However, Venus creates some chaos. The latter will introduce you to someone and you'll immediately fall head over heals but the latter will turn out disappointing in many ways. Your kindness even naivety will play a trick on you but you'll force yourself to forget this quickly thanks to Jupiter who'll shower you with optimism!


Most of the planets are in good terms with you, therefore you should spend a pleasant month overall. However, something is bothering you. You're not able to put your finger on it. Your intuition, hypersensitivity point out that you're exposed to trouble, dubious behavior from one of your colleagues or a dishonest promise from a superior. You don't feel at ease in such an atmosphere. Don't give this much importance, you win some, you lose some!


Jupiter in Scorpio is an asset for your finances. The latter will make money inflow easier but will demand impeccable management in return. Forget about expenses without budgeting to please others. Don't fall into the trap of your kindness and compassion. All those people who come and beg for your help, don't necessarily need it. Watch out for scams and other dishonest offers. Take the time to review your budget and optimize your management.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 8th: on the 4th, note down your dreams. They'll respond to your worrisome questions. You won't be able to make this out at once, therefore jot them down.
Week from the 9th until the 15th: on the 13th, good news concerning an exam or any sort of competition will bring a smile back on your face.
Week from the 16th until the 22nd: on the 22nd, be careful while driving or while handling tools, objects that could hurt you. You must focus!
Week from the 23rd until the 31st: on the 31st, you'll show dazzling intuition. Listen to the latter, this way you'll avoid making the wrong choice.


Restrain your imagination which makes you invent problems and aches when there aren't any! It's true that the atmosphere is quite disturbing this month for you buddy Pisces but this is no reason to add on. Focus on the positive things which seem to work out, things you managed to put in place and anything else which suits you in life, things you managed to achieve despite the fact that some malicious people predicted the opposite. Trust your capacities and talents as you have many of them!

Overview ***

July asks you to be careful with shady dealings...Venus plays tricks and makes you fall for pipe dreams and you easily all for these illusions even if it leads to a painful awakening...In your work, you don't really feel supported during difficult moments. You have the feeling that one blames you for something! As for your shape, don't neglect the messages of your body and plan out regular breaks if you're not on holiday.