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May 2020


Venus is squared with your sign, Neptune and 13th onward, it'll be in retrograde. This astrological context doesn't favor a peaceful, joyful and loving atmosphere. Lack of confidence will ruin your exchanges and suspicions, lies will spoil your relationship. For some of you, the past could affect your current relationship or shake up the balance for singletons. Neptune cheats its world, consider yourself warned!


Until the 13th, you'll have the impression of being behind...No motivation, tiredness, all this will come in the way of moving ahead with your tasks. But 14th onward, Mars reaches your sign. You'll feel perked up! Determined to get a grip on things, you'll seem very efficient. You'll give things your best, even if one tells you that you're being zealous. Don't listen to them and move forward. You're doing the right thing!


Jupiter and Pluto, the zodiac experts are your allies! Such luck! You'll be able to maneuver superbly, to get an income raise or any other advantage you're aiming for or convinced you deserve this. You need to make sure you don't indulge in spending, as a dissonant Venus may encourage you to do so, but also a non-compliant Neptune.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 10th: on the 7th, you'll think about planning a holiday, more or less distant but a change of scene for sure! Week from the 11th until the 17th: on the 16th, careful with potential discussions and tensions...Week from the 18th until the 24th: on the 22nd, remind yourself that everything that glitters, isn't gold! Week from the 25th until the 31st: on the 30th, you'll feel like re-decorating your home.


Don't confuse dream and reality. You'll have the habit of only seeing what you wish to and not the rest. This could trigger situations which will only cause disappointments or a disillusion. It's important to keep your eyes open, to protect yourself during tough moments, which you need to accept. Spend time with friends, who are a safe bet for your life!

Overview ***

During the first half, you may lack motivation or feel a little discouraged and tired. But 14th onward, Mars enters your sign and provides you with all the energy you need, to handle your business. Willing, motivated, you'll make major efforts to make things move forward. In terms of your love life, things won't be fun...An opposed Venus, then in retrograde shall herald some instability in your relations, even lack of confidence...