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April 2018


If you look at your track record in terms of love life, it might not be easy. Mercury in your romantic sector gives you the desire for freedom more than anything else while Venus in Taurus makes you run away from any kind of possessiveness. You follow me, I run away, you run away, I follow you. This sentence alone perfectly illustrates your approach in life together. Being in sync is out of the question! Freedom is essential, as you're scared to commit yourself if you're single.


Your initial idea will be to fulfill your responsibilities without putting too much pressure on yourself. Mercury in retrograde or not, encourages you to adjust tactics and each decision you take is the right one. You won't be mistaken or go the wrong way, as you have a clear vision on the situation. Aries is an egocentric and ego sign, one needs a minimum of the latter professionally to step into the breach and hit the jackpot and casually be in the spotlight.


This fiery sky doesn't make you forget that money is the essential key to head towards a more comfortable life. With three planets in your financial sectors and not least, as it's Mars, Saturn and Pluto, you turn out to be extremely combative to earn money, generate better income, improve your standard of living. Pragmatic, you handle your budget efficiently, by initiating plans which will yield profit more or less in the long term.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 8th: You're in a position to evolve your situation, without needing to force destiny.
Week from the 9th until the 15th: the least one could say, you don't lack original ideas: it's surprising!
Week from the 16th until the 22nd: you receive a major boost from destiny and one of your projects takes off.
Week from the 23rd until the 30th: Organizing your work, the way of handling your schedule is a source of reflection.


You have the habit of comparing your actions with others. An attitude which makes you competitive, as if it were a race. Use without abusing the power of your charismatic image, you use the rule of: confidence, concentration and devotion. Measure out the performance and make it long lasting instead of giving it all in one go. Relax and your ego will disappear. There is nothing left to prove except experiencing new sensations which come from within. Breath!

Overview ***

There are many possibilities to reinvent yourself. You're on the look out and keep your eyes wide open. In any case, it's difficult for you to remain in place with Sun and Mercury in Aries. Stagnation scares you and you want to grab onto the possibilities around you. You want to do everything at the same time. One after the day. If you have more than one iron in the fire, you might miss out on opportunities, ideal for your personal and professional success.