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November 2017


Until the 7th, love and friendship will go hand in hand. Couples, both of you will feel like seeing your loved ones during evenings filled with laughter. Singletons, your friends might introduce you to someone interesting. During the following three weeks, the atmosphere will change. You'll feel like being in your bubble together, sheltered from the exterior and discovering or rediscovering one another. If you're single and meet someone you like, make sure this person is single too. As it might not necessarily be the case.


Saturn and Mercury lend weight to you in your work. You're sharp, good at convincing and realistic. Some collaborators will ask for your advice and count on your opinion. But if reason is a good thing, intuition is something else. You'll be intuitive for anything related to work and you can rely on it. Especially if you want to use a plan or method which you have already used in the past and it turned out to be successful. Trust yourself and take action.


Your finances are relatively stable at the moment. However, you could receive a balance of some unpaid bill, due to an oversight or mistake which dates back to the end of summer. Moreover, you're advised against doing any business with friends or asking for their help or opinion in finances. Mainly between the 14th and the 23rd. Things might come to a sudden end, you won't get the results you were hoping for or worse, your ties might seriously suffer from this. Either you need to keep away from this or wait until 10th December.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 12th: on the 2nd, you want to feel loved and appreciated. Your partner will show affection.
Week from the 13th until the 19th: on the 19th, you have great intuitions and you're extremely appealing. Realize this and trust yourself more.
Week from the 20th until the 26th: on the 22nd, you'll look for some financial solutions. Turn towards professionals, rather than relations.
Week from the 27th until the 30th: from the 28th until the 30th, avoid clashes with your friends and partner. This could cause important tensions.


Since more than two years, you've been in a slump which forced you to do some cleaning up in your life through Saturn. On the 20th December, it'll be over. The positive side being that you'll feel lighter and liberated. However, you should be finished with the cleaning up so that you're ready to welcome this new stage of your life which will begin at the beginning of the year and settle on a healthy foundation. This is why stars encourage you not to waste time and use November to speed up the process.

Overview ***

You need to trust yourself and the future if you want to succeed this month. Your love life is stable. Couples, you'll confide in one another and this will bring you closer. Singletons, your friends might introduce you to someone but the latter may not be single. As for work, you have good ideas but you don't give yourself enough credit. Try not talking to your friends in order to improve your financial situation. Your energy level will be good provided you focus on the present.