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September 2018


During the first ten days, you'll feel like isolating yourself and keeping your love life for yourself. But 11th onward, you'll be part of one of the most promising phases of the years in your love life. You'll be appealing and charismatic. Couples, you'll be in love with one another and your feelings will be deep and sincere. You'll quiver while thinking about your partner. Singletons, during this period you'll stake it all. Your assets will be physical, emotional and intellectual. A promising encounter is on the way.


Here's a month during which communication will play an important role in your professional life. If you're in a job related to communication, there is a chance that you enjoy yourself and achieve new goals. If this isn't the case, you could implement a new strategy that could work. But this will imperatively work through relations. Don't keep your desires to yourself and bank on word of mouth but also your contacts. Many people will be ready to help you.


Your finances are stable. Venus and Jupiter bring along some abundance even luck. Moreover, nothing prevents you from anticipating a raise, a bonus, a more lucrative job or why not even buying a lottery ticket but in moderation. However, you'll have the habit of spending too much for your friends. You'll often be invited here and there but this doesn't mean you should squander away your money. Moreover, before taking out your wallet, make sure you're not the only one to do so.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 9th: on the 5th, you need to use your ideas and make them come true like something tangible. Don't give up on anything.
Week from the 10th until the 16th: on the 13th, trust yourself. You're magnetic and attractive through your charm, intellect and physique. It's your move.
Week from the 17th until the 23rd: on the 20th, your family could take advantage of your kindness and ask you for too much. Try to set down limits.
Week from the 24th until the 30th: on the 30th, you let go and decide to go with the flow of things. You feel better.


Thanks to Jupiter and Venus's presence in your sky, you'll enter an extraordinary period, 11th onward and this will last until 7th November. Your life will be adorned with incredible luck, in every area. Such opportunities won't resurface before 2021. Suffice to say that stars encourage you not to fear the unknown and move forward like a bulldozer in all the directions which interest you. You'll hold all the cards in hand to succeed with your initiatives. Don't miss out on this, this is the time to make it happen!

Overview ******

A very pleasant month in several sectors. Your love life will be on a roll. Couples will be in sync due to promising feelings while singletons will have a great chance at meeting the right person. You'll excel at work and with some help from your contacts, you could transcend heights. Your finances are great but don't waste it on others. You could lack energy 11th onward so you should stock some up.