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April 2018


Venus is in your house VII until 23rd April. You want to feel loved by your partner and expect more affection from the latter. Your well-being depends a lot on the latter's capacity or not to respond to your expectations. Singletons, if you like someone, you can claim victory. But watch out, Venus in Taurus could make you too invasive. Take it slowly, give this relationship a chance so that it can be long lasting.


Can't catch a break, you keep getting a pile of projects to tackle from all sides. You crib about it but deep down you love this. If your fame is on the high, watch out for the relational sides which point out some failures. As for your way of working, your methods, everything is fine. You seem to tackle your tasks rather easily and your little gray cells are often urged to find solutions for technical issues. If you're looking for a job, an opportunity will allow you to sign a contract.


If you wish to earn money or at least not lose any, you need to keep an eye on your papers, statements and your invoices. With Jupiter retrograde in your sign, you'll easily think that all this is daunting, but your outlays have reduced. 24th April onwards, you can ask for a loan, make an appointment at the bank to fill up a financial request. Mars gives you the guts while Saturn makes sure that time serves your interests.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 8th: You're the type to say some home truths but you don't keep raising the same old issues.
Week from the 9th until the 15th: variety is present in everything you do and you use your energy well.
Week from the 16th until the 22nd: you're forced to take a decision but you'd better give yourself some time.
Week from the 23rd until the 30th: your conjoining habits take you far away, to such a point that you end up doing just anything.


Move in tempo without moving your ideas too much. This way you'll be able to develop your activities more easily, if you were to adjust the situation depending on its evolution and after observation. Be bold and showcase yourself. However there is a drawback, don't overstep limits in your private and professional relations. Don't forget that talent and charisma don't always excuse everything and don't treat your desires as orders. It could be irritating.

Overview ****

You want to pull yourself out from banality without running the risk of marginalizing yourself? Perfect timing as the sky under Aries's energy updates your ideas and rejuvenates your relations. As for the Jupiter/Pluto sextil, it puts the tradition of your sign (demands, talent, precision) at the disposal of innovation and transformation. This incursion in the hemisphere of your astral sky outshines introspection, doubt and contradictions to make room for a generous heart.