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April 2024


April promises to be dynamic for your love life. If you're single, seize this period to rediscover yourself and strengthen your friendships. Your personal passions are demanding your attention. An unexpected infatuation might emerge around mid-month, thanks to Venus squaring Neptune, encouraging daydreaming and idealization. For those in a relationship, communication becomes critical. Be attentive to your partner's needs to avoid misunderstandings and tensions. Regardless of your situation, honesty and listening are the keys.


April is the month for honing your skills. The beginning calls for self-evaluation. Identify your strengths and areas of improvement. Around the 10th, with Jupiter in Taurus boosting your professional sector, opportunities to showcase your worth will not be lacking. Do not fear to take initiatives. They will be well received. At the end of the month, an assessment is necessary: have you progressed towards your professional dreams? Now is the time to readjust your goals if necessary.


April promotes a balance between savings and simple pleasures. Consider reinvesting time into hobbies that might, who knows, transform into additional income sources. The aspect of the Moon sextile Mars, towards the beginning and end of the month, sparks your creativity. Convert it into an opportunity to save or earn a bit more. Arrange your expenses around what truly captivates you, without neglecting the need for a small savings for less productive days.

Astro Date

This month promises significant shifts. On the 10th, an unexpected career opportunity may present itself. Stay vigilant. In matters of the heart, the 17th holds a pleasant surprise that could enlighten your relationship or inspire the single folks. Finally, on the 24th, tread cautiously in financial discussions as a minor disagreement has the potential to turn venomous if mishandled. Take these dates as landmarks: prepare to seize opportunities and navigate with caution when necessary.


April urges you to prioritize your well-being, both physically and mentally. The energy of the Sun squaring the Moon encourages you to strike a balance between your responsibilities and your moments of relaxation. Around the middle of the month, allow yourself more free time for activities that truly rejuvenate you. Consider delegating certain tasks to lighten your mental load. By the end of the month, a sense of renewal and increased energy will mark the beginning of a more serene period.

Overview ******

With the Moon sextile to Mars at the beginning and end of the month, your energy to carry out personal projects is at its peak. Seize this opportunity to embark on new adventures. Pay close attention on April 10th: the Moon in conjunction with Jupiter promises an opportunity for expansion, likely in the professional realm. Don't let this chance slip by staying open to unexpected proposals. This month calls for action and optimism. The celestial bodies are aligned to give a boost to your ambitions.