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March 2019


Understanding, honesty and communication will be at the center of your emotional life until the 25th. Couples, you prefer sharing a good meal or conversation rather than a sensual moment. You have the feeling of rediscovering your partner. Singletons, you'll be looking for someone who'll be able to seduce you through intellect and by being interested in you. 26th onward, things change. You're romantic, loving and appealing. You'll be irresistible, whether you're single or not.


Here's a sector which will be quite peaceful, as long as you don't have to deal with business or handle negotiations. In which case, you might be nervous at times, especially during mishaps or when your interlocutors don't agree with you. Apart from this, you'll appreciate your everyday life, just the way it is. You have some new plans in your mind but you're not ready to implement them so you prefer putting them aside for the time being.


Jupiter still protects your finances perfectly. Even if you're not a millionaire, luck accompanies you and you should have enough to spend for your needs and leisure. Therefore, it'll be good to try out your luck, especially during the first three weeks. Buying a lottery ticket might work. But, anticipating a raise or a bonus could have a chance of going through as well. Moreover, come out of your reserve and be bold enough to ask for everything or a part of what suits you.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 10th: on the 5th, avoid talking too much in your love life. Couples, your partner could misunderstand your remarks. Singletons, a new encounter may think that you're too curious.
Week from the 11th until the 17th: on the 15th, you want to get off the beaten track, travel, head towards novelty.
Week from the 18th until the 24th: on the 24th, your natural sensitivity is intensified. You take everything way too seriously.
Week from the 25th until the 31st: on the 26th, you feel light and impulsive. You're in love or want to be.


Just because life is calm doesn't mean nothing is happening. You'll get the chance to notice this during the month of March. You deserve some rest and re-energize and come up with new ideas. Stars offer you all this at the moment and it's up to you to accept it. Take the time to do things peacefully, without shaking up events. Otherwise you'll take actions too quickly and this won't be good. Mulling over peacefully will be your best asset.

Overview ****

Here's a month which will really bring you satisfaction if you're able to take your time. You favor communication in your couple, before moving onto a more romantic phase during the last six days. Singletons, you'll be more interested by people's mind rather than anything else. Things will be calm at work while your finances are under good aspects. You're accompanied by some luck to earn money. However, you'll often feel tired as you tend to go overboard. Slow things down.