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January 2019


Venus offers you its presence until the 7th. It's up to you to use the impulses positively. The desire to love and be loved encourages you to be more tolerant and understanding with your loved ones. You realize the importance to make efforts to make a relationship peaceful, revive benevolent complicity, not to mention humor in your everyday life. Singletons, you'll look toward the future. Leave the past behind once and for all. You'll move forward!


Mercury's entry in Capricorn on the 6th promotes great communication and wonderful organization. You'll have the impression that nothing is moving forward and time stands still! However, everything is being implemented. Use this waiting time to polish up your plans, finish your files, organize the following, make the most of the time, given to you to save some in the future. Everything that you do today which will seem superficial to you or secondary, will reap rewards for your evolution.


You're one of those who are good at presenting arguments and who doesn't use words by accident. Well, it will intensify this month, thanks to the support you get from Mercury who gives you all the elements to see through your business discussions. You'll be tempted to spend more than reason, under the Jupiter/Venus influence which favors money inflow, through work or obtaining a loan or gambling winnings. You spend smartly!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 6th: Great week for your love life. Love each other without restraint or complex!
Week from the 7th until the 11th: an encounter is possible! Buddy singleton,keep your eyes wide open!
Week from the 14th until the 20th: you feel in great shape and plan to sign up for a physical activity for the year.
Week from the 21st until the 31st: your unique ideas could shake up certainties of some people around you...


Don't regret that things are going faster. Things which seem to slow down allow you to take the time and give the finishing touches which are needed, to take it easy in order to positively think about the novelty you can bring in your life but also the beneficial changes, you wish to establish. This thinking period will be very beneficial right after the events. Turn it into something positive and use it to your advantage.

Overview ****

Capricorn dominates the sky with no less than four planets who send you positive impulses. Therefore, it'll be a serious month, positioned under a new organization. You lay the groundwork for your future by reviewing your ongoing files, taking the steps which will help you progress, by organizing your life in general. You wish to start on a new foundation. The interpersonal aspect plays a major role, you'll communicate intelligently. In terms of your love life, the first week will be great!