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May 2019


16th onward, your love life regains some color. Couples, projects concerning your home, improving comfort or why not even a move could make you feel secure about your couple lasting long. For those who want this, a potential childbirth is possible. The Venus/Uranus duo encourages you to let go, express your feelings and expectations. Singletons, right from the second part of the month, anything can happen. An ex is back, a heart stopper...Be ready!


Under the impulses of Uranus, your energy is strengthened and new audacity comes into being. You feel more self-confident and you are bold enough to knock on the right doors, offer ideas, refuse some tasks which shouldn't be given to you. Moreover, the desire to change, innovate, test out new working methods encourage you to look elsewhere in case your current job doesn't suit you. Regardless of the case, you're part of an active phase which takes you towards success.


Jupiter ensures regular cash flow and Pluto helps you handle your budget very seriously. You don't miss out on any opportunity to garner more money. Reactive, smart, you're always able to play your cards right, yield profit from your efforts and the time you put in to take action. The only drawback: a friend cheating. Don't loan money, don't stand as a guarantee, otherwise it might soon lead to problems.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 12th: it's a good period to launch a project, achieve something you've been neglecting for a while. Week from the 13th until the 19th: love is really on the way. Be ready to welcome the latter, without failing! Week from the 20th until the 26th: an interesting idea will come along and lead to promising financial results. Week from the 27th until the 31st: Have you already thought about writing? This is the right time to go for it!


You're attached to your bearings, your habits as they make you feel secure. Don't be scared of change. It'll make you progress, take you towards new opportunities and make you discover new areas. You can allow yourself to change, test and try out. Don't stick to routine, it'll only curb your potential...

Overview ******

Stars are hurrying up in your sign! The least one can say is that with Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury, you'll attract attention! In terms of professional life, you'll possess a major working capacity and will be really supported by Capricorn. In terms of love life, you'll need to wait until the 16th, to receive the positive impulses from Venus, all devoted to your cause. With Mars's complicity, passion could emerge! You maintain to remain in good health and don't give up!