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September 2018


You'll be particularly open and communicative in your emotional life, mainly from the 6th until the 22nd. Couples, you'll take the time to talk and you'll initiate these conversations. Nonetheless, you should assert your vision and not accept only the one of your partner. Singletons, you should come across many people who'll seem passionate to you and you'll spend a lot of time discovering one another. Until the 10th, you could come across one of them at work. Open your eyes wide!


If you're in a job related to communication, expression or art, September will be the month of creativity. You'll be unique and your ideas will be excellent. You'll be able to convince your partner that they are valid and you should probably get what you want. If you're part of another profession, you could take a lot of time mulling over new projects. At times you'll have the impression of treading water. While you feel like spreading out your wings and making a go for it. This period could show you that you're completely capable.


You're someone who is wise and careful usually, you'll have the habit of spending during the entire period. You won't know why but you'll buy all kinds of useless things at times. You'll feel the need to please yourself, give yourself priority and pamper yourself. However, do you need to be reminded that stars want you to be careful until mid-December? Though, if you're a couple, your partner's finances might be boosted and this will be good for your home. Encourage the latter to move forward.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 9th: on the 1st, avoid trying to be right at all costs. Perhaps it is the case but it'll only lead to pointless conversations.
Week from the 10th until the 16th: on the 11th, your partner might be sly and this will irritate you. Ask the latter what is going on and root out the evil.
Week from the 17th until the 23rd: on the 18th, you're really worried about other people's well-being. You'll neglect your own. This isn't the best thing to do.
Week from the 24th until the 30th: on the 24th, you'll feel cheerful due to the presence of some friends. Especially if it's an improvised get together. Relish every moment.


By dint of wanting to feel secure in your everyday life, you'll end up feeling oppressive in September. You need changes, shake ups and a break from routine which you yourself implement to reassure yourself. Moreover, stars encourage you to be open to some surprises and unforeseen events rather than plan everything in advance. You'll be very creative during the entire period and it'll be good to use it for your own life. It'll be salutary in all the areas of your life.

Overview ****

This month will be relatively pleasant. Mainly for your emotional life which shall be placed under the seal of communication and curiosity. Together, you'll be able to discover a little more. Singletons, you'll come across passionate people. You'll be very creative at work. This will give you the desire to forge ahead, provided you accept heading towards novelty. You'll have the habit of spending too much money for things which aren't worth it. Get a grip on yourself! You'll be energetic but you'll need to channel it.