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July 2018


The beginning of the month won't be anything special, in fact there are some blunders in sight. However 10th onward, Venus your planet will be lenient on you. Moreover, Jupiter walks straight in your couple sector, all this promises an unforgettable July! Dates, love at first sight, wedding, pregnancy, anything is possible! Pleasant unforeseen plans arouse your love and couple life. So get ready!


Due to the Mars/Uranus square, it won't be easy for you at work. Relations won't be flexible enough. You'll still think that one is trying to put spokes in your wheel or at least trying to intentionally complicate matters for you. The question is why? Luckily, thanks to the union between Neptune and Pluto, you manage to get a proper feel of events and your intuition is of major help. Listen to the latter!


Projects are picking up and seem to have promising results, you'll face some complications which will force you to defend your rights. Make sure you read and re-read everything you need to sign. Agreements need to be carried out very carefully. Don't hesitate to call upon a professional depending on the issue which will cause a problem. Globally speaking, if you're careful, your financial situation will remain stable.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 8th: you'll be forced to undertake several things at once and you'll be worried about scattering yourself. Perfect organization is a must!
Week from the 9th until the 15th: on the 13th, the new Moon offers you a good deal! Examine this closely before making up your mind.
Week from the 16th until the 22nd: You question yourself. You could begin working on yourself with a professional's help.
Week from the 23rd until the 31st: Defuse the situation in the family, don't rub it in, full Moon makes you very irritable...


In order to avoid excess energy seizing you, it'll be wise to plan out breaks if you aren't on holiday yet. Recharge your batteries in nature, whether it's in a forest or at seaside. You need to draw new strengths, directly related to the vibrations of earth. Moreover, in case of a problem, don't focus on the subject. Take a step back, unwind, you'll see things more clearly.

Overview ****

It might be summer but you won't get time to relax...You'll need to do a lot to achieve your goals. The Mars/Uranus square is giving you a hard time and some people might try and put spokes in your wheel....You might get riled up with your family and criticize easily...As for your love life, the atmosphere will be much more favorable 10th onward. Tensions unravel, Jupiter reports good news!