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November 2018


The first week, Uranus titillates your love life. Impatience, frustration towards those who prevent you from being free. But you'll be stronger than Uranus! In reality, on the 7th, the latter comes back in Aries and gives you a breather. You forge ties slowly, lean on conciliation thanks to Mars in Pisces. You end the month on a more complicit note. Singletons, the second half is going to be more exciting, surely a heart stopper. Will it last or not? It's your move!


Strong pressure has been lifted from your shoulders, now that Uranus is gone. 7th onward, you'll feel freer, you'll be less on the defensive and will need to swell up your pride to protect yourself...You open the door to potential partners or associates, accept to work as a group, exchange. Thanks to strong support from Pluto and Saturn, you take action fearlessly and in a dynamic manner. The results will bring a smile on your face!


Your finances shouldn't cause you any problem in particular. On the contrary, it's possible that you obtain an interesting contract. You'll handle your expenses perfectly, despite your fascination for luxurious items, you manage to maintain your budget. At the end of the month, you shouldn't trust others easily as someone might try to mislead you or not keep their promise and put you in a tough spot. Take your precautions!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 11th: Uranus leaves you for a while, you feel lighter, the pressure decreases.
Week from the 12th until the 18th: Mars pacifies your temperament, you cooperate and this helps you achieve better professional results.
Week from the 19th until the 25th: You're forced to stay alert with a common deal, association or partnership. Wait to receive all the guarantees, before making a go for it.
Week from the 26th until the 30th: Very inspired, your strategies are great! Listen to your intuition.


Make the most of the fact that Uranus has left to let go and perk up. You don't like impulsiveness or surprises! You'll be able to unwind, resume habits which make you feel secure and devote time to the things you like doing. Interpersonal relations are favored. This is the time to see your friends or loved ones, as you had forgotten about them for a while. Go out, have fun, invite people, surround yourself!

Overview *****

This month is placed under the sign of union, collaboration and team spirit. At work but also in your personal life, you'll be concerned about your entourage. Ready to help, take care or participate in a common action, you'll address your everyday life through a new angle. Your friends will come to you for advise. The interpersonal aspect will be important, especially since Uranus will be leaving you 7th onward and you'll resume your passion for sharing.