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April 2018


Love is a major deal in April for you Taurus. The Venus/Mars couple creates the surprise. A month of your kind, with meaningful feelings, a new crush, reconciliation, a serious commitment. Sensual, sensory, you're appealing and try to conquer your heart's desire and experience complete passion. Singletons, a nice event opens the path to a charming encounter without assuming the situation and without planning a common future.


Mars in Capricorn, in good aspects with your sign doesn't fear anything. If you're targeting a position, if you go for an interview, be confident so that you can express your ambition. Your career will evolve only if you display your determination of wanting to rise to the top. Nonetheless, you'll need to step into the breach to defend your interests. At work, exchanges with your colleagues or clients will be smooth and friendly, thanks to a benevolent Venus who'll supervise your work.


How can you enjoy without squandering away your money? This will be the question in April. You'll have easy access to your credit card and will have a hard time resisting to temptations like buying clothes or offering yourself a luxurious weekend in the countryside, to the beach. If you were to cut down your expenses and look out for good deals, this way you could indulge in some extravagance, take advantage of the money you earned dearly.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 8th: burning with enthusiasm, try to take your time too so that you round off your projects properly.
Week from the 9th until the 15th: Your self-confidence capital won't be emptied out.
Week from the 16th until the 22nd: Intuitions assert themselves on you. Just because they're strong doesn't mean they aren't right.
Week from the 23rd until the 30th: You'll feel like getting close to people you love. Your exchanges will be pleasant and joyful.


Grass isn't always green on the other side, this is the message from planets. With Uranus in your shadow sector, you'll be restless. There might be paths to look for where you live and work, with satisfaction on top of everything. Money is a sensitive topic. You won't accept getting advise in this area. You'll find the perfect balance with respect and your own values, but also uniqueness that you would like to provide in other areas.

Overview *****

Between your activities and your private life, you begin April at full throttle. You're determined to look for balance, harmony and stability. You wish to surpass yourself, showcase the best of yourself in your actions. You usually dread handling crisis like situations, you prove yourself by nourishing on some complicated episodes. Difficulties wake you up, they make you grow and encourage you to fight relentlessly.