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January 2019


Until the 7th, your love life will make you feel satisfied. You'll feel at peace with yourself. The following won't be as thrilling...Deliberate or endured distancing will put your relationship in the background. It's possible that a family or professional obligation takes you away and makes you feel unusually lonely, something you can't stand. However, emotions aren't the reason. Singletons, take the time to reflect in case an encounter shakes you up...


You'll have a lot on your plate! You're the type to do everything by yourself, you'll work a lot of additional hours. You won't hesitate bringing some tricky or urgent files home after work. Don't get swamped. You can delegate and keep an eye on how the tasks are carried out, if this can help you. Mercury encourages you to express your ideas in a relaxed manner and clearly. You'll move forward on the path you have chosen.


You don't need to prove your seriousness while handling your budget. You dose your expenses perfectly, depending on the income. Mercury helps you negotiate if need be. However, Jupiter and Venus might push you into indulging in some unusual craziness, encouraged by the need to make up for the moments where you feel lonely. Don't give into the temptation, you'll seriously regret it, especially since this isn't part of your nature!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 6th: In terms of your love life, you still receive positive impulses, make the most of them!
Week from the 7th until the 13th: you're swamped with work, take a breather so that you don't begin the year completely exhausted!
Week from the 14th until the 20th: don't give into gluttony! Do sports or a manual activity you're good at.
Week from the 21st until the 31st: friends, nothing could be more real! This is what you'll think this week.


Use all your energy to develop the coming actions for the year. Plan the path you wish to take and make life easy by anticipating the various approaches and list out your priorities and spend time with those people who might be useful to you. Don't wait for the last minute. Build your future, today onward!

Overview ***

Roll up your sleeves, you're going to be swamped! Capricorn is overflowing with planets, who put a little pressure on you. You won't have the time to fiddle, you'll forget about being meticulous and will get straight to the point. Your know-how will make you save time. The first week offers you a satisfying romantic life. It won't be the same for the next part, but nothing threatens your relationship. In terms of health, continue following a good lifestyle.