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August 2019


You'll need to wait until the 22nd before welcoming Venus home. Until then, your love life gets by! You won't feel at ease during intimate moments. Expressing your emotions, your feelings, going with the flow of happiness will create difficulties. You'll withdraw on yourself and wait for the other one to understand your qualms. Then with Mars's arrival on the 19th followed by Venus, will arouse your sensuality a little. Phew!


This is the holiday period and it's obvious. You'll slow down, even though deep down you can't help finding something to do instead of making the most of the peace. It'll help you get away from your thoughts bothering you...You won't have a hard time doing your tasks. Organized, efficient, you're always the one on whom everyone can count. Your helpfulness and availability are present in every situation.


Your finances won't be any trouble. You're able to take action at the right time, if something seems risky. September is on the way and your accounting and managing talents come back speedily. You get a control of your accounts, jot down the expenses of the past month and take the important decisions to avoid trouble. This doesn't prevent you from pampering yourself and your loved ones, a little!

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 11th: on the 1st, you won't really be in high spirits...Go see your friends, don't remain alone and mope around.
Week from the 12th until the 18th: on the 14th, stop the pondering! There is no reason to be worried.
Week from the 19th until the 25th: on the 22nd, Venus finally joins your sign! Love is back on track and so is your smile.
Week from the 26th until the 31st: on the 30th, the new Moon gives you free rein to implement your projects!


It's important that you don't dwell over things which are negative or which make you anxious. Learn to put things in perspective and tone down events. With some effort and positive thinking, you'll manage this naturally. You'll feel so much better and it'll turn into a new lifestyle for you! Don't hesitate to try out the experience.

Overview ****

Several planets are moving around your house of shadow, which will encourage you to keep a low profile until the 19th. You might also be a little lazy. Until the 21st, you'll have a hard time expressing your feelings and totally going with the flow during intimate moments. In terms of your activity, you'll be organized and efficient, you shouldn't come across any major trouble! The last thirds of the month will bring along more satisfaction and energy.