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September 2018


Until the 10th, you won't really think about love. You'll be more focused on your essential needs. 11th onward, you'll feel like opening up, sharing and maintaining ties which brings you together with your partner. You'll try to spend as much time as possible alone with your partner and make up for the absence of the recent weeks. Singletons, you'll be particularly curious and will enjoy meeting new people. You need to know what you want, you'll be very choosy and organized while making your choice.


From the 7th until the 23rd, you'll excel at work. Your sharp mind will be at its height, you'll be inspired and will express your ideas better than anyone. If you have a job with responsibilities, your leader skills will be better than ever even if you're blunt at times. You shouldn't miss out on this opportunity at all if you wish to progress or if you have job interviews. Such opportunities won't come along before months maybe years. Press your luck!


Until the 10th, your "crazy Virgo" side will get the upper hand. You'll have the habit of times a lot. You'll yearn for more comfort and well-being, therefore a better environment. You won't hesitate spending due to this. After that, your legendary wisdom and rigor will get back on the top. Rest assured, your finances are quite fine these days, you won't need to make up for the next ten days. You might even benefit from a bonus or a raise.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 9th: on the 1st, you'll attack this September eagerly. You're dynamic, optimistic and full of promising ideas.
Week from the 10th until the 16th: on the 10th, you hold all the cards in hand to convince your audience, regardless of the sector. You're captivating.
Week from the 17th until the 23rd: on the 18th, you're sensitive and you accept to be who you are. Enough to make you seducing.
Week from the 24th until the 30th: on the 24th, you need to play the wise guy to win some of your negotiations. But your arguments are convincing.


You're a very cerebral and down to earth person, including when it comes to feelings. However in September, you'll be more than usual. Couples, your partner will have the impression that you don't stick to true feelings and favor reason. Singletons, your suitors will think you turn love into an equation. Moreover, stars advise you to be much more mellow with your relations and go with the flow of your feelings. Your fear of not being able to control situations might make you miss out on them for good.

Overview ******

Happy Birthday, September natives! This month will be ideal to make your professional life move forward. You'll benefit from important assets which will help you progress or to get a new job. The quality of your emotional life will depend on your capacity to accept your feelings and feel touched. The ball is in your court. Your finances are fine, despite the expenses at the beginning of the month. Your energy will be impressive and wonderful. You won't forget this month!