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November 2018


Your love life won't be your priority. However, to take you away from your everyday disturbances, you'll ask for more attention and affection. You might be disappointed by your partner's lack of reaction...An old relationship could once again ruin ties...If something needs to be straightened out, don't wait up. Saturn and Pluto in your sector of love demand for something serious and solid. No room for doubts anymore!


Despite a difficult context, restrictive conditions and non-negotiable demands, you'll still play your cards right. This November heralds a promising evolution, mainly second half onward. Just because Mercury and Jupiter are doing as they please,doesn't mean you'll get discouraged. Not to mention significant support from Saturn and Pluto. Thanks to the latter, you'll move forward at all costs and achieve your goal!


Just this once, you need to carefully review your finances...Astral opposition might trigger delays and other complications with money inflow. However, you can count on Pluto to inspire you with good decisions which you need to take, concerning your budget, which needs to be revised downwards while waiting for things to resolve. Among your usual expenses, some will be suspended as they're not important. Your innate sense of management will be of great help.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 11th: the new Moon highlights your intuition. You'll instantly know on whom you should rely.
Week from the 12th until the 18th:Don't let your nervousness get the upper hand. Nothing good will come out of this. Take a step back from events.
Week from the 19th until the 25th: Don't neglect your accounts! Review each expenditure item and cut down on those which aren't important.
Week from the 26th until the 30th: Get a change of scene, don't leave room for nostalgia or the past. Look at the future, confidently.


November is going to shake up some of your bearings and will force you to leave your comfort zone to confront difficulties which will test your nerves. However, no reason to panic! You have two solid zodiacs by your side, Pluto and Saturn, who'll encourage you to stay calm and not give into anger or panic. Remain zen, don't forget it! Eventually, you'll be satisfied about having handled your issues, by having kept your cool.

Overview ***

In November, you bare your claws! The kind Virgo might surprise their private and professional entourage. The first half will require you to adapt and you still won't be able to do this...To make up for the little disturbances in everyday life, you'll really ask for affection and demonstration but won't be heard often! To make you feel better, Sun in Scorpio will boost your professional results, you're going to shine!