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April 2018


Love is your reason to live with Venus who visits your sign Taurus until 24th April 2018. You're able to glorify yourself to please your partner. You wish to seduce the latter again. You're attentive to this person's desires and get the same in return. Singletons, tempted by several flings, you meet pleasant people. Mid-April, you feel ready to get seriously involved in a relationship as you feel that you have found the right person.


Dedicated, hard working, perfectionist, you won't object to laborious tasks but you'll also settle the most sensitive tasks that require finesse and a know- how, successfully. You could even be endowed with more responsibilities. This being said, don't make any mistakes and rest on your laurels. Maintain your course and keep your sustained pace. Watch out for your way of taking action. You might be a bit hasty and offend your colleagues or partners at work.


You bank on caution most of all and opt for safe investments. You do clever calculations to know if you should reimburse a loan or not. While handling your daily budget, you prove out to be someone extremely responsible. You negotiate a payment period with an administration. You make some choices in life which decrease your outlays in a significant manner. This is surely how you manage to consolidate your material situation.

Astro Date

Week from the 1st until the 8th: You develop a form of aggressiveness to stand out, without the slightest slackening.
Week from the 9th until the 15th: More expressive in love, you go more with the flow of your feelings.
Week from the 16th until the 22nd: More reactive, you gain strength, will, craftiness and most of all rapidity.
Week from the 23rd until the 30th: your perspicacity allows you to know whom you're dealing with and to position yourself better.


After thinking, this is the time to take action. You aren't always aware of your qualities, which sometimes makes you miss out on your chance or turn. In April, your asset is self-confidence which allows you to believe in your capacities and make use of them. For this confidence and dynamism to give you wings, don't minimize your skills, to a point that you underestimate them. In your love life, forget about your reserves and express your feelings passionately.

Overview ****

Under the impulse of Aries, you think it's time to get a grip on your life. You spend a lot more time taking action and analyzing situations than feeling sorry for yourself. You gain efficiency and regain confidence in yourself. You move forward under the effect of a new force and manage to get rid of useless fears. You're surprised to notice that you obtain results which are more rewarding and that your love life takes a sensual turn, all the while remaining reassuring.