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Sagittarius 2021 Horoscope


Sagittarius 2021 Horoscope


You’ll have good ideas but mostly practical ones and can be applied on the moment. Jupiter will illustrate your desire to set sail in the right direction, which will be in keeping with your expectations and aspirations. Mercury in Aquarius will make communication easier. In your love life, communication will be constructive.


Your pawns have hardly moved forward, hitches will get you back to square one. If Venus in Aquarius boosts your love life, Mercury will backtrack and force you to review your professional plans. With Mars, your entourage won’t understand you. Singletons, networks will favor an encounter.


Saturn’s benefits will help you take advantage of your assets. Without being impatient, you’ll find unexpected solutions in terms of finances, mostly. If you’re expecting responses, the situation will need you to force things. Everything will be fine in your love life, happiness will be present.


Settled in Gemini your rival, Mars will trigger soul searching. Love is going to be at stake. You can’t cloud the issue, you’ll need to keep it real and keep your commitments, to avoid making the same mistakes. From the social viewpoint, you’ll have cards to play for your success.


It’s going to be a stormy sky with Jupiter in Pisces, which will stir trouble in your mind and through the relations with your entourage. Venus in Gemini will heckle feelings. You’ll clarify and untie the situation by anticipating events. Through luck, Saturn in Aquarius will structure your actions.


Saturn is in retrograde and will tighten the screws around the responsibilities you need to take on and the duties you must fulfill. Mars in Leo will enter the arena to head in the direction of operations. You’ll ensure the relationship between discipline and creativity, allegiance pledged and proofs are given, not to mention some fantasy.


Your enthusiasm will come back with Mars in Leo. A godsend to resume control and attract favors of your collaborators. Singletons, this planet will help you anticipate things, even if it means provoking to seduce. Couples, your schedule or last minute getaways will be romantic, at will.


With Mercury and Mars in Virgo, you’ll think more simply. One will sense how your mind unclogs and heads towards understated actions, pure feelings. Your ideals won’t be as high. You’ll stick to reality and make the most of the pleasures you share with your loved ones.


Your messages will be received and one will strive to make you feel satisfied. While you’ll listen to advise. This way, you’ll avoid mistakes and save time. Mercury in Libra will plan an important exchange with an influential person, boost your career or your private life.


Mars in Libra, an ally sign will teach you to favor tactics. You’ll move forward skillfully and surround yourself with influential allies, ready to help you. In terms of your love life, you’ll prove your love through touching and amazing actions. The aim of your initiatives will be to make your partner feel secure.


Mars and Saturn will bicker in your sky, triggering a rather oppressive atmosphere around you. You may over-estimate the means you have to develop your projects. Your loved ones will blame you for being reckless, but you’ll stand up to them to do so as you please.


Sun, Mercury and then Mars in your sign will forecast a joyful and dynamic year end mainly. Your activities will intensify, your days will be busy but gratifying. In terms of your love life, happiness will be highlighted. Your many future projects will show romantic complicity.