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Scorpio 2018 Horoscope


Scorpio 2018 Horoscope


You’re dynamic and on top of your game, but borderline aggressive at times! Sure of yourself, your choices and your beliefs, you will attempt to convince everyone you know to buy into your ideas this month. You’re such a leader! People will probably agree with you just to avoid arguments… You’re slightly intolerant!


You could bump into your dream lover in February! Don’t be afraid to enjoy what life has to offer. In a sensual mood, let your hair down and don’t ask yourself any question. Getting close to someone you like is the only thing on your mind. Try not to forget about your duties and responsibilities as a result…


It’s time to raise your profile and share one of your original ideas with your superiors! Grab the opportunity to get a promotion, sign a new contract or be trusted with an exciting mission as it arises! Don’t let such an interesting challenge slip through your fingers!


You will be so busy in the workplace that you could forget about your other half as a result! Something that, of course, will not go down well at all with them… Jealous, your lover cannot understand why he or she seems to come after everything else right now! Try to spend more time looking after your love life…


Business trips, new hobbies, exciting projects… You have enough to keep you busy this month, much to your family’s despair! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, your loved ones will ask you to explain why you’re so hard to get hold of. Don’t blame them for doing so! Put yourself in their shoes for once…


Some of you could have to make a choice between their career and family this month… You could find it really difficult to find enough time to fit both into your life this June. Being sent on professional trips abroad will upset your family, but please your bosses!


You won’t exactly be given the chance to make peace with your family this summer… Tension WILL remain in the air at home! Calm things down by making plenty of exciting plans with the people you love. And please do NOT bring any work to the beach with you!


Your career is the main thing on your mind this month. You feel like an exciting opportunity is there for the taking on the professional front! Keep your phone switched on at all times and check your emails regularly. You could be asked to cut a vacation short…


Keep your eyes peeled, love could be a lot closer than you think! Somebody is likely to catch your eye while away on business or during a professional meeting. Such an unexpected encounter will unsettle you, but in a good way! Don’t worry, you will find the time to fit that person into your busy lifestyle…


You’re filled with contradictory and unsettling emotions this month! Obsessed with moving your career forward, falling in love was definitely not part of the plan in October! But Cupid doesn’t play by the rules, you should know that…


You want to ignore your feelings and get on with your work, but you cannot stop thinking about someone in particular this month! With your sex drive getting out of control, you will feel the need to see that person as often as you possibly can. You will find it impossible to keep your impulses under control!


Love, passion, sex… You will see off 2018 with a bang! Those of you who have children will spend most of their time and energy looking after them. You’ve been too busy to spend a lot of time with your kids recently, and you know it… Which is why you want to show them as much love and affection as you can around Christmas!