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Scorpio 2020 Horoscope


Scorpio 2020 Horoscope


Venus in Aquarius, then in Pisces, and Mars in Sagittarius will encourage you to spend a lot of money on your loved ones. You cannot stop looking for ways to make your children happy! Generous by nature, you will also enjoy making your home even more comfortable and stylish than it already is… Make sure you stay out of your overdraft at all times!


With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, you could start developing romantic feelings for a friend of yours or someone you’re already pretty close to. Tell that person what’s happening to you if you don’t want to scare them away. Stop acting so strangely around them… Be as honest as you possibly can!


Venus and Uranus in Taurus could have a beautiful surprise in store for you. Your partner will do something incredibly kind that will literally leave you speechless. See, they do care about you! You will fall in love again with the person who shares your life: the perfect excuse to go on a second honeymoon? Why not!


Mars and Saturn in Aquarius will generate arguments with your little family. Your loved ones will expect far too much from you! Moving your career forward will remain your priority, and you could struggle to find the time to keep your house clean and tidy… Being a great employee and perfect parent is exhausting!


The Sun, Mercury and Uranus in Taurus will put the spotlight on your other half or a collaborators. You will find it difficult to make decisions for yourself this month… You’re sick of bending over backwards to make everyone else happy! Try not to lose your cool too often: people should start listening to you again before long!


Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Pisces will give your creative skills a boost and help you meet all kinds of interesting strangers. Some of you will enjoy a one-night stand or two this month… But be careful if you’re travelling, as Mercury retrograde wil trigger all kinds of delays! You could also lose your passport while abroad…


With Mars moving in Aries and Mercury retrograde, a chaotic month is in the cards! If you’re supposed to go travelling abroad, you could lose your passport or fail to obtain a visa for the country you plan to visit. In the workplace, unexpected delays and setbacks will be in the cards: keep your cool no matter what!


Venus in Cancer will encourage to go travelling, possibly abroad, this August. Some of you could even find love thousands of miles away from home! If you’re working, you will be given the chance to show what you’re capable of in this office: do everything in your power to impress your superiors!


The Sun in Virgo will put one of your professional projects under the spotlight this month. Great news! However, beware of Mars retrograde in Aries potentially slowing you down in the workplace… You could push your body too far at times! Don’t put your health at risk, my Scorpio friend.


Venus in Virgo will put your friendships under the spotlight. Grab the chance to catch up with people who you haven’t seen in a long, long time. They’re worried about how quiet you have been in the last few months… Why don’t you invite your best buddies over to your place for a great meal and fun-filled evening?


The Sun, Mercury and Venus in your sign will help you feel dynamic and good about yourself. Incredibly charming, people will be attracted to you like magnets to a fridge! Mars has been making it hard for you to enjoy what life has to offer lately… You’ve simply had too much on your plate, but things are about to change… Much to your delight!


Venus in your sign will make you sexier than ever and a wonderful surprise could brighten up your love life. But with Jupiter in Saturn moving in Aquarius, you will be very busy looking for ways to invest your savings to make sure your family doesn’t run out of money any time soon: you could look into buying a property!