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Scorpio 2021 Horoscope


Scorpio 2021 Horoscope


During every issue, Sun and Venus in Capricorn promise you to find a solution. Nothing can make you doubt the validity of your projects. In your family, past will be back, which will need all of you to join forces. Your love life is going to be passionate.


You deserve credit. You’ll need to discuss with four planets squared with your sign. Delays, fake promises, cancellations will force you to juggle with situations which might hurt your finances. Mercury in the forward gear 22nd onward, will put your projects back on track.


Mercury in Pisces, it’ll be advantageous for Scorpio. You’ll have more room for maneuver to develop your projects. In terms of your love life, it’ll help you express your feelings. In Neptune’s company, it’ll awaken new desires to sweetly share with your partner.


You’ll make the most of situations and smoothly lead negotiations, before signing a contract or a transaction. Around the 23rd, Sun, Mercury and Uranus will come together in Taurus, your rival. Alas, bad will against which you’ll bump, will prevent you from using good ideas.


Struck by Jupiter in Pisces, you’ll listen to your inner voice. You’ll feel like changing activities, environment. You’ll turn a new corner. Saturn’s hindsight will slow down your pace. Lay down the foundation without being in a hurry. In your love life, demand explanations on a confusing situation.


Mars and Venus in the water sign will boost your actions and emotions. Mercury in Gemini will make your relations easier. Your friends will support you, as you need this. Your partner will take over with pleasure. Such attachment will be touching. Mars will boost libido, lots of fiery moments.


Sensitive emotions, you’ll at times climb on your high horse, without any reason and often with passion. Mercury will suggest to shorten the conversation, stop nit picking to resume a global vision without any hasty judgments, to make the most of this summer month.


Jupiter and Saturn turning up at the wrong time will make you question your situation. You’ll lack means to implement a plan and you’ll be frustrated and discouraged. Then Mars will offer you practical solutions, while Venus will give you a change of scene, through harmonious love.


Your situation will unblock on the outside. Nonetheless, you’ll need to juggle with priorities by reconciling professional and personal life. Inside, things will get stuck due to the past, which will come along painfully. Your emotions and memories will be on edge. Confiding will help heal wounds.


You’ll be vulnerable to the upsetting effects of the Mercury/Mars duo in your shadow sector. Once again, past will run after you through family affairs or material questions which need to be sorted out. One may ask you to justify yourself on a task. Your love life will head towards happiness.


Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio will make you ambitious. Your intuition will be in great shape and will help you anticipate events. Your positions will strengthen and you’ll be able to to make a good investment. One will perceive you as sensitive and accessible, after having thought you were elusive.


Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn will be thrilled to welcome your romantic and professional projects and help you to refine these. As for Mars in Sagittarius, he’ll find nice deals to earn money or pamper yourself without going bankrupt for year end celebrations.