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Taurus 2019 Horoscope


Taurus 2019 Horoscope


The Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn will highlight your thirst for knowledge and perfection. This is the ideal month to attend a training course or adopt a new set of beliefs and values. Your objectives will evolve towards something you truly believe in: keep a cool head and never let doubt get the better of you!


Venus in Capricorn and Mars moving in Taurus should look after you this month. Those of you travelling could literally fall in love with an area, a new way of life or a beautiful stranger. Confident and full of energy, you will try your best to make the world a better place, which should help you move your career forward!


Mercury retrograde in Pisces will force you to reconsider one of your projects. Don’t be disappointed if things take longer than planned, and grab the opportunity to put the finishing touches to this idea of yours instead. It was never going to work in its original form! You can thank the sky for such a lucky escape…


Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Pisces will highlight how important your friends are to you, as they will provide you with all the support you need to move your life forward. Accept the fact that you cannot always control everything and let the planets take initiatives on your behalf. Your life is about to get considerably better almost against your will!


The transit of the Sun and Venus in your sign will make you more charming and help you feel better than usual. Sensual, sociable and open-minded, you could fall head over heels for someone this month. Besides, with Uranus close to your sign, anything is possible in May: welcome change and embrace the unexpected. Take life as it comes!


The Sun and Venus in Gemini will incite you to take a good look at your finances. Money will be the main thing on your mind, and this will be the perfect time to renegotiate a contract or ask for a pay rise. Raise your profile and show off what you can do in the workplace. Your hard work will soon get the recognition it deserves!


Venus in Cancer and Mars in Leo will put the stress on your family. You may disagree with some of your loved ones, but you’re always there for the people who need your help. Those of you who are off work this July will enjoy taking part in all kind of outdoor and sporting activities with their parents and children. You will be in such a playful mood!


The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Leo, then in Virgo, will put the stress on your household and your children’s education. Whether you are a parent or not, you will thoroughly enjoy expanding your knowledge. Make the most of your time off work to visit local museums and national parks. Find out more about the place you call home!


The Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo will make you feel like extending your summer! Some of you could fall in love this September. You may be in an incredibly sensual and creative mood, but you will quickly be reminded of your usual duties and responsibilities: you will be in high demand, at home like in the workplace!


The Sun and Mars in Libra will incite you to roll your sleeves up and get more organized in the workplace. You will have to take other people’s opinion into account and be careful not to encroach on their personal space. But tiptoeing around your colleagues will of course slow you down this month… Be as patient and diplomatic as you can, please!


Venus and Jupiter meeting up in Sagittarius could have a nice surprise regarding your finances in store for you. You could secure a loan, be gifted a consider amount of money or set up a new professional partnership allowing you to bring a project you care about to life or launch your own business. Luck wil be on your side, so make the most of it!


Jupiter joins Saturn in Capricorn and allows you to move your life forward this month. You will be given the opportunity to start collaborating with a company based abroad or decide to go back to college before the end of the year. You want to better yourself and expand your knowledge: it’s time to aim high and think long term!