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Taurus 2020 Horoscope


Taurus 2020 Horoscope


An army of planets in Capricorn will encourage you to go travelling, learn new skills or read thought-challenging books. Expanding your knowledge will allow you to move both your personal and professional lives forward. A successful opening month of the year is in the cards. You’re so excited to see what the future holds!


Venus in Aries could open up an old sentimental wound… You’re still not over one of your exes, and that’s why you’re terrified of loving and being loved these days! Force yourself to let go of the past: love is in the air, so let your hair down and accept to make the most of what life has to offer!


Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto reunited in Capricorn will fill you with self-belief! You will be impressively driven and dynamic. Moving closer to your objectives will be your priority. Your competitive nature will surprise most of your colleagues and superiors: you’re no longer ready to settle for second best!


Mars and Saturn in Aquarius will put your career under the spotlight. Pay attention to what your bosses say to you and expect from you in the workplace this month! Your career could be at a crossroads… Find a middle ground between knowing your worth and asking for a raise you don’t deserve yet!


The Sun, Mercury and Uranus in Taurus will help you stand out from the crowd. Incredibly creative, you will come up with genius ideas designed to move your career forward. As far as your finances are concerned, Venus retrograde will urge you to finally become aware of what you’re truly worth! Ask for the raise you so desperately deserve.


Mars in Pisces will make it easy for you to convince your friends to help you move your projects forward. Great news! Moving closer to your objectives will make you incredibly happy this June. Your finances could still look a little bit healthier, but things are moving in the right direction in that domain too!


Mars staying in Aries will cause your stress levels to rise. Don’t expect to get a lot of sleep at night during the next few months… You’re often your worst enemy, my Taurus friend. Stop falling out with pretty much everyone you care about! You’re too defensive for your own good: overcome your fears before it’s too late!


The transit of Venus in Cancer will have a comforting and reassuring month in store for you. Your family will help you overcome some of your biggest fears, as long as you’re brave enough to talk to them about your problems. You simply hate admitting that you’re vulnerable! You see it as a real sign of weakness…


Mars retrograde should help you identify what has been causing you so much stress and anxiety for a few weeks now. You will find the strength to deal with a problem that had been holding your life back for far too long! An intense month is on the menu, but it’ll all be worth it in the end… Just think about how much better you’ll feel afterwards!


Venus going through Virgo could have a beautiful surprise in store for those of you who are still single. An encounter will literally leave you speechless! You should get considerably closer to that mysterious stranger by the end of the month. You hadn’t felt like that for anyone for a long, long time… Don’t hold back, my Taurus friend!


The Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio will highlight the importance of compromising and taking other people’s feelings into consideration, two things you’re normally not very good at! You hate having to justify yourself… You could be accused of lacking respect: your freedom ends where somebody else’s starts!


Jupiter and Saturn moving to Aquarius will give you an early taste of what the next few years should be like for you. A lot of your dreams are about to come true! This is the perfect time to pull off the career change you’ve been thinking about for so long… Scary and stressful yes, but ultimately incredibly rewarding!