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Taurus 2021 Horoscope


Taurus 2021 Horoscope


The year has hardly even begun and you’ll be back up on the horse with Jupiter in the professional sector. You won’t have a minute to yourself and will devote your energy to your ambitions. You won’t have time to waste in useless things and really give your best for those you love.


In your love life and despite burning feelings, Venus squared with your sign shall trigger doubt. In your job, you’ll come across challenges you’ll need to take on and you’ll succeed, through pragmatism and concentration. The less you get influenced, the better you’ll succeed. Bank on intuition to understand situations.


Adroit at creating hitches, Saturn will force you to get organized differently. You don’t lose your bearings as Venus in Pisces will come to your rescue and bring you luck. Your intuition will allow you to grab onto these. In your love life, you’ll combine dream with sensuality.


Uranus will inspire you with good ideas to boost your capacity to surpass yourself. Of course, after thinking, Taurus’s caution compels so. You’ll dwell over the project and find the right time. 14th onward with Venus at home, you won’t run after love, it’ll find you on its own.


Enlightened dreams, a dream-like reality, a cozy home will satisfy your need to getaway. Jupiter’s influence in Pisces will take positive action on your social life. At the bow of ship, you’ll stay on track despite the storm. You’ll put love and money on its feet.


Mercury will boost your creativity. Your projects renew themselves. One will call upon you to revive an activity, animate a team. Gains will come along more easily. The Venus/Mars dual will draw a parallel during the initial days of the month, by showing the path to follow, to stabilize your emotional life.


Sun and Mercury in Cancer will brighten up your summer month. In terms of finances, you should come across a good deal. Family will be of major importance and little trips will get you closer to one another. Your love life will sway between pleasure and displeasure with Venus in Leo.


Mercury and Mars will be efficient to position you in the starting blocks. Rather than be scattered, you’ll focus on a precise activity. As for Venus in Libra, it’ll be light and sweet and promise you romantic love, relaxing at the beach, delicious meals.


Uranus will boost your combativeness to overcome obstacles. Jupiter will put some of them in your way. You’ll take three steps forward so that a hitch doesn’t send you back to square one. For your love life, if you like things spiced up, you’ll be delighted, in case of the opposite, you may be worried stiff.


Mars’s position in Libra will suit you to sweeten the pot during situations which are complicated at times. Mercury in retrograde will put a stop to your plans. Hassles will concern the administrative aspect more than finances. Overwhelmed with work, you won’t have much time for your love life.


Mars in Scorpio will trigger wonderful combativeness to knock over obstacles. Your audacity will be relative, as you’ll take the leap only when you’re sure about your material and financial security. Venus in Capricorn will be by your side for emotional relations, as you like it.


You’ll end the year beautifully with Venus, who’ll accompany you through the month for your projects. She’ll come along discreetly but also through determination. You may take baby steps as you would like to devote more time to your passion and to those you love.