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October 21, 2019

In Relationship **

You're feeling a lot more independent and enterprising than usual. You will pluck up the courage to put ideas you've had in mind for ages into practice today. You will not be afraid to take unusual risks this Monday. You will make changes to the way you normally live your life, that's for sure.

Single **

With the planets highlighting your independent nature, you will refuse to do anything that doesn't appeal to you. Aware that you're responsible for your own happiness, you will not hesitate to put yourself first. You don't care what other people think about the way you live your life...

Wellness ******

You're boiling inside! You will lose your cool with anyone stupid enough to pick a fight with you this Monday...

Career ******

In the office, you will fall out with members of the opposite sex. Stop trying to impose your projects and working methods on everyone around you! Your colleagues don't deserve to be talked to like that. They cannot wait for you to chill out...