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February 19, 2018

In Relationship **

You knew it! You were getting on too well with your partner for it to last any longer than a couple of days... Don't expect too much from them today. Be more tolerant towards your lover, don't ask them for more than they can give you! Brace yourself for disappointment otherwise... Don't be so critical of them please!

Single **

The planets won't exactly help you find love today. You're likely to meet someone, but you will quickly realize that you two aren't made for each other, to put it mildly... You simply cannot overlook some of their flaws! Explain to them as tactfully as you can how they're simply not your type. They won't stop messaging you if you decide to ignore them!

Wellness ****

You won't run out of energy, but having too much to do could make it difficult for you to feel your best this Monday.

Career *****

Not only will you have a lot on your plate today, but the Moon in Aries will also leave you with tight deadlines to meet in this domain. There is a lot at stake, so put your complaints to one side and be ready to roll your sleeves up!