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August 20, 2019

In Relationship ****

Your emotional situation has become way too calm for your everyday life. You like having your mutual friends home, as the atmosphere favors surprise invitations. Uranus in Taurus transforms your lifestyle in your couple. Don't hesitate going out or receiving, this could inspire some fresh air in your couple.

Single ****

Independence gets the upper hand and comes in the way of a romantic relation. You run away as soon as the relationship becomes serious. You can't help it. The day helps you take notice of these little blunders and change these by stacking all odds on your side. Your fanciful nature might add onto your seduction.

Wellness ***

You need to be careful with fatigue that has been piling up and this makes you nervous. Insomnia is around.

Career *****

You can't stand your superiors anymore and don't wish to continue in this situation. Power struggles become more and more difficult. You want to be your own boss and look for an activity in keeping with this profile.