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November 17, 2018

In Relationship ******

A wind of renewal will blow in your marital life. You'll be discreet verbally, but will prove your love through affectionate gestures. Your actions will be more explicit than anything you could say. Your sweetheart shall be receptive and will intuitively guess your promising declarations during intimate moments.

Single ******

Venus and Mars will caress you with their wings and your seduction could trigger some victims. Your seduction will be at its peak and you'll make the most of it. You may not necessarily realize that your attitude could lead to confusion and make you a heart breaker. You'll take advantage of a godsend and won't think about tomorrow.

Wellness *****

You'll maintain the pace brilliantly, even if some issues stress you out. Think about water sports, to get rid of tension.

Career ***

You'll find your work a little boring. Perhaps because you're forced to review a case which you thought was "finished" You might even dream about another job which will be more in keeping with your professional expectations and ambitions.