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May 20, 2019

In Relationship ****

Dear Aquarius, don't count on Cupid's protection today as the stars suggest that your on your own in your love life. On the upside, the Sun-Saturn trine is giving you a burst of positive energy so make sure you use it wisely in your relationship. You've been putting in the hard work and you're about to reap the benefits.

Single ****

The Sun-Saturn trine is awakening your senses and making you crave the pleasures of the flesh. You're on the lookout for someone who sets your heart racing and the good news is that you'll be spoilt for choice today. What starts of as little more than a one night stand could well turn out to be the real deal. Watch this space...

Wellness *****

You're in such good spirits that your friends and family will soon be asking you what your secret is. Don't tell everyone though!

Career ****

You'll decide to steer clear of any projects requiring team work today as you're not in a sociable mood. You'd rather keep yourself to yourself than engage with your coworkers. Dear Aquarius, your usual team spirit is nowhere to be seen.