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May 27, 2020

In Relationship ***

Saturn impacts your sentimental life in a way you can't really control. Unforeseen constraints will keep you incredibly busy today. You will not really have the time, nor the energy, to do anything nice with your other half as a result! Don't worry, they should be pretty understanding as long as you clearly explain to them what you're forced to deal with.

Single ***

Your latest online crush believes you when you tell them you're not ready to meet up in real life just yet. Good, as you're only telling the truth! They're more than happy to wait for the right time. You cannot stop dreaming about having a good time with that person... A serious relationship cannot be ruled out either! You will make sure to send them a lovely message today.

Wellness ***

Mars sucks all the life out of you. Get some fresh air and recharge your batteries. It's lovely to be out at this time of the year!

Career *****

You're not afraid to roll your sleeves up and work around the clock. Impressively driven, you will not struggle to meet your deadlines today. You've a lot on your plate, but you could even manage to get slightly ahead of what you've been asked to do!