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April 26, 2018

In Relationship **

Your other half struggles to understand why you're not responding to their advances today... Keeping quiet will not exactly work in your favor, but quite the opposite in fact! The situation is getting really tense between you two. Could a break-up be in the cards? Anything is possible under the influence of an extremely dissonant Neptune...

Single **

You try to show how serious and respectable a lover you can be, but you come across as someone boring and unable to act spontaneously. Stop saying the same things over and over again... People heard you the first time, they simply didn't laugh because it wasn't funny! The influxes of Neptune will make it impossible for you to catch anyone's attention today.

Wellness *

Those dark thoughts of yours will seriously affect your energy levels today. Your body could throw in the towel this Thursday!

Career **

You will feel like you're powered by an electric engine today! Weaker than usual, you will need to take a break every couple of hours in order to recharge your batteries... Not the most productive day you've ever had in the workplace!