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November 15, 2018

In Relationship ****

You and your partner are both impressively open-minded and tolerant, and your relationship is incredibly peaceful as a result. Yet, you must also make sure that you pay each other enough attention if you don't want your union to run out of steam... Treat your other half to a romantic and sensual evening if you can!

Single ****

You will feel incredibly close to one of your friends today... Don't be surprised if you two were to sleep together this Thursday! Your friendship may never be the same after tonight... But who cares! You're two grown-ups who did something they both wanted to do at the time. Don't feel bad for having a bit of fun with someone you like!

Wellness *****

You're so dynamic that you could find it hard to channel your energy at times today. You could do too much and end up exhausted in the evening...

Career *****

Mars teaming up with Uranus in your sign will highlight your ambitious, innovative and risk-taking nature on the professional front. Your colleagues will also know how to push you towards your objectives today! A minor problem will quickly be dealt with during the afternoon.