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February 21, 2018

In Relationship *****

Your relationship is based much more on sincere, constructive interactions. You're happy not to have to fight about your differences, and you're not the only one: your sweetheart is equally relieved to be able to express him- or herself freely. Out of love for them, you're able to accept certain things that you couldn't until now.

Single *****

You're staying single, and it's you who will have made the decision. There's no lack of possible options out there, but you're not interested in texting with strangers who flirt without ever shifting into a higher gear. This break will allow you to sort through and organize your virtual relationships.

Wellness ***

You'll have a hard time recuperating your energy. You've pushed yourself too far, and your body is gasping for breath.

Career ****

A change in your work life will take its time in instituting itself. Eager as you are to face this new challenge, you'll be champing at the bit. As you wait for the green light, you'll get involved by preparing an optimization strategy.