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August 20, 2019

In Relationship ******

You and your partner are in the mood to forget about your problems and make the most of what the summer has to offer! You will enjoy taking part in your favorite hobbies together and spending time with friends. You will find it easier than usual to express your needs and desires. You promise not to bottle your feelings again!

Single ******

You will be in a sensual mood this Tuesday. Getting closer to someone who has caught your eye will give your confidence a wonderful boost! Could it finally be your turn to fall in love? Why not! Feeling good in your own skin, you will forget about your usual complexes and you will know how to enjoy yourself this evening... Have fun!

Wellness ******

You love the summer! You're always in the mood to give new physical activities a try at this time of the year. You feel so dynamic!

Career ******

The Jupiter/Mercury trine will make it impressively easy for you to express yourself and understand other people. If you're a writer, a public speaker or if you work in the field of communications, you will be on top of your game today!