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November 17, 2018

In Relationship ****

You're giving it your best, but you feel like your partner controls everything. What's more, their tense attitude tends to irritate you. Their faults are starting to be a problem for you. Neither of you is listening very well to the other. This evening, focus on using your charm to help you both unwind.

Single ****

Your love life is unstable. Saturn in Capricorn is imposing constraints on you that you find troublesome. These might be related to your schedules. Your sense of insecurity might make you feel down. For now, you need to keep making an effort.

Wellness ****

Certain activities are wearing you out mentally. Consider taking a break and going for a walk outdoors.

Career *****

You're changing careers. The process takes steps and requires vigilance. You'll get some information from professionals in the field. You'll probably go into something related to administration.