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April 27, 2018

In Relationship *****

You're not making any decisions, but rather leaving things up to your partner. In any case, you couldn't care less about what they decide. Your mind is set on seducing them and leading them under the covers, which seems much more important to you than discussing laundry or the organization of the pantry.

Single *****

The Sun in Taurus will bring you all its power and energy to bear on making you seductive. You'll pass some time in front of your mirror, because your heart will be set on presenting your best self in order to win over this person whom you've been lusting after for some time now. Your efforts will be crowned with success.

Wellness *****

So as not to be ambushed by periods of fatigue, you'll adopt a daily rhythm that's a little less intense.

Career ****

You'll have precise expectations; there's something you wish to achieve. You won't hesitate to extricate yourself from a certain agreement or collaboration that seems too restrictive. With Saturn in retrograde, you'll have no desire to repeat the errors of the past.