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January 18, 2019

In Relationship *

Dissonances from the Moon and Jupiter are preventing your relationship from staying on the straight and narrow. The honeymoon period is well and truly over and you're both struggling to adapt to life in a serious relationship. You'll even lash out and criticize your partner for the lack of action between the sheets. It takes two to tango, you know!

Single *

The Moon-Jupiter opposition is making you crave the pleasures of the flesh and you will stop at nothing in making sure you don't spend the night alone this evening. You've decided to put your search for your soulmate on hold in order to enjoy some fun between the sheets with the first person who crosses your path. There's no harm in that!

Wellness ****

Dear Cancer, you have no intention of putting your feet up today. Rest is for the wicked, as they say!

Career *

You'll make it clear to your superiors that you'll follow their instructions to the letter today so there is no room for grey areas! You don't feel comfortable taking initiatives and would rather just stick to the rulebook if you have any doubts. Fair enough!