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March 19, 2019

In Relationship **

Now is not the time or the place for a lengthy discussion about the future of your relationship. Your partner has a lot on their plate at the moment and you would be better off lending them a shoulder to cry on until the situation has resolved itself naturally. Be patient and remember that there will be plenty of opportunities to say what's on your mind.

Single **

It's make your mind up time today. You've hit it off with someone new but they're coming on too strong and you're starting to get cold feet. It's clear that they're looking for a serious relationship but you just don't think you're ready to settle down with someone new. You're still getting back on your feet after your last heartbreak!

Wellness ****

You're doing your best to keep your spirits up in spite of your hectic schedule. You'll only tire yourself out if you try to do everything at once.

Career ****

You're giving your colleagues a wide berth at the moment in order to focus on the tasks in hand. You have no intention of wasting your precious time gossiping at the water cooler. You'd rather steer clear of the office politics from now on.