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November 15, 2018

In Relationship ***

Your partner will find you unfair as the latter will do his best to be present, respond to your text messages. But he won't always be able to be in touch with you, the way you want your partner to be. Your messages aren't urgent, the latter won't understand the reasons for which you worry. Your impatience will trigger excessive unpleasantness.

Single ***

Admit it that you can't meet people everyday. Luckily, as you won't be able to handle these exchanges in addition to your work and obligations. Treat this as good news and remind yourself that you'll need time to get to know this suitor and that you won't be able to change your life in a matter of five minutes.

Wellness **

The slightest body ache will trigger worries. Go to a doctor instead of imagining the worst.

Career ****

Changes in your agenda require you to adapt to an unprecedented situation. You don't really seem to have a grip on these work tools as you didn't get the chance to use them often. You'll manage to get by.