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July 23, 2018

In Relationship ****

You haven't been doing many activities together as a couple, and you should remedy this as soon as possible. The stars are giving you the occasion to see what's holding things up in your relationship and to change things. Renewal is within reach. Time is your best friend, and you'll be able to see the solidity and loyalty of your emotions through these difficulties.

Single ****

It'll be easy to meet people, and luck will be on your side. You might exchange ideas about going out with your friends. The desire to enter into something romantic is making your confident, and your powers of seduction are working. You might also change your manner of being involved with someone, with a desire for more independence.

Wellness ***

There's a risk of back pain and fatigue in the wake of a (mostly mentally) intense day.

Career ****

In order to find a new job, you need to take the risk of leaving what you know and what assures you a minimum of comfort. But you'll get help making this change. It might come from colleagues or friends and family who will help guide you.