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April 26, 2018

In Relationship ****

Your heavenly vault preps up beautiful moments to experience with your partner. Don't ruin everything by bringing up unpleasant remarks the latter said to you. Indeed, your partner is tactlessly expressing uneasiness and hopes for you to understand this. So, use your gift of diplomacy and straighten things out. You won't regret it.

Single ****

Buddy Libra, the sky makes you come across someone who you may really like from all points of view! You'll need to be perceptive to find this person, as it's worth it! Stars have fun and lay down traps for you. The person in question is surely not who you think it is! Be smarter!

Wellness ***

A little depressed at the end of the day. You alone know why...Don't remain in your bubble. Write down what you feel.

Career ***

Mercury's opposition encourages you to indulge in self-criticism. You'll take notice of some things which aren't right and change course before things really get out of hand. Knowing when to back off is a quality!