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August 20, 2019

In Relationship ****

You and your partner could disagree on whose turn it is to clean the house or what your money should be spent on. Not the end of the world and something that happens in most relationships, but still enough to upset you. Behave like the grown-up you supposedly are! Other than that, your union has nothing to worry about. Charming, you're great at spicing up your little routine!

Single ****

Your independence is extremely important to you, my Pisces friend. You love being able to spend your money exactly as you please and invite whoever you want over to place without having to ask anyone for their permission first. You'd rather be single than in an unhappy relationship, that's for sure...

Wellness *****

Taking part in a new artistic activity will help you relax today. And you will be much better at it than you thought you would be, to top it all off!

Career ******

You never switch your brain off! Impressively creative, you're in the mood to get out of your professional comfort zone. Let your imagination run wild in the workplace. Share as many innovative ideas with your colleagues and superiors as you can.