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April 27, 2018

In Relationship *****

Finding happiness with your sweetheart once again should be simple. If you can avoid getting in arguments and talking about trifling matters, and focus on your sincere desire to be together, you'll move forward hand in hand. A pinch of humor, a sprinkle of eroticism, and you'll be falling in love all over again; your problems will have magically disappeared.

Single *****

You'll be pretty cheerful on your way home, because this date will give you hope for the future of your love life. You won't have had a chance to converse at length (because of your respective familial obligations), but it's clear that there's chemistry there. For lack of being able to proceed with your evening together in person, you'll keep it up via text.

Wellness ******

You're bursting with energy to the point of being unable to manage it all. Try doing something relaxing.

Career ****

You're putting your personal well-being ahead of your career plans. That won't hurt you any, since you won't be late getting your work done. You'll have to juggle a little bit in order to turn your projects in on time, though.