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May 20, 2019

In Relationship ***

Try to listen to your partner's remarks and don't consider these to be attacks. The latter's impressions are legitimate and talking about it together will help resolve the situation. Don't be stubborn and sulk throughout the day and question yourself. You know very well, that your partner is right. Accept this and move onto something else.

Single ***

You're taken over by nostalgia, but it messes with your vision on a past relationship. You have the habit of idealizing, forgetting some events and embellishing the rest. Instead of always looking in the past, open your eyes and look towards the future. Someone is just waiting for a sign from you, in order to approach you. Give this person a shot and yourself too.

Wellness ***

Don't eat like a glutton today, your body is weakening and you'll most likely stock up your excesses.

Career **

A colleague will try to take all the credit. The latter might spread fake gossip about you or take credit for the work you had done. Go see this colleague immediately and express your way of thinking in a firm manner.