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November 17, 2018

In Relationship *****

Your ambiguous words will trouble your partner. You might disagree about how you manage your budget. You'll be very authoritative in any argument that results. The forecast for this evening is stormy, but the clouds will clear up after a few hours with a reconciliation between the sheets.

Single *****

Trust your intuition to decide whether you should move forward with this relationship. It's important to communicate and to be understood well. The secret of your relationship lies in doing activities together. You're alternating between tenderness and passion; now's your chance to declare your feelings for them.

Wellness *****

Someone might give you some advice about how to get your energy back. A recent excess might have worn you out.

Career ***

You've been given responsibilities, and your tasks require you to work in a team. Beware the jealousy present in your workplace. Your skills are on display, and a colleague envies you. Talking with them could smooth things out.