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May 20, 2019

In Relationship *

Your relationship has seen better days. You're not really in the mood to do anything exciting with your partner at the minute. You will once again spend the evening on the sofa watching TV... You could even feel a bit uncomfortable when your other half tries to hold your hand or cuddle you! Please try to pay your lover more attention before it's too late.

Single *

Have you ever thought about going on a package holiday specifically designed for single people? The idea of travelling abroad and potentially finding love sounds great, but you're worried about being stuck with a bunch of people who are a lot more desperate to settle down and start a family than you are! Give it another few years, my Taurus friend...

Wellness ***

Both your brain and body are in desperate need of a rest. Have a lie down and switch your mind off at some point this Monday!

Career ***

Misunderstandings or disagreements could stop you from moving your projects forward today. But a Taurus never takes no for an answer! Saturn will help you find a way around those obstacles this Monday. Well done for not giving up!