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February 21, 2018

In Relationship ******

You have thousands of ideas for your partner to help realize the latter's wishes. Complicity makes you both forge ahead in your professional lives. Exchanges are present and there is steamy passion in bed. Your couple life shines brightly and well appreciated peace is present too.

Single ******

In order to break your routine, you need passionate love because you're not the type to fall in love with the first person who comes along. To win your heart, one needs to nourish your mind and prove their credentials. Ultimately, you like inner peace and celibacy is a way to prolong this feeling. Love might seem like an obstacle.

Wellness *****

Watch out for calories as gluttony is your weakness. You need to choose between putting on weight or staying slim.

Career *****

Mundane life continues with its oppressiveness and never mind as you favor security rather than professional instability. Changes aren't your cup of tea for the time being, you prefer to wait and watch to see if you can climb the ladder or change departments.