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March 19, 2019

In Relationship *

In your sign and specially at home, the Sun/Moon astral opposition will ruin your day. There will be an obstacle between you and your partner. Instead of solving this imbroglio, you might give into debauchery with someone in your entourage, who has been making moves at you or a complete stranger...

Single *

With your encounters, you won't be able to calm down the unpleasantness. You might even be cheeky and experience one disappointment after the other! Due to which, you'll easily move from one person to another. But the same reasons lead to the same consequences! Isn't that true Taurus?

Wellness *

Sun will turn into the parasite, for your vitality. You're going to keep away from everything, including taking care of your body...

Career ****

You'll choose to work less and have a best quality of professional life. You would have understood, this means you're going to change companies. Your working conditions will be better and you'll have flexible hours.