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May 27, 2020

In Relationship ***

The arrival of Jupiter in your sky is driving a wedge between you and your partner. You're like ships passing in the night at the moment and will barely exchange two words today. The negative atmosphere is starting to take its toll on your self esteem and it's clear that your partner is at the end of their tether as well. Are you willing to extend an olive branch?

Single ***

Your lack of imagination is throwing a spanner in the works and preventing you from meeting new people. Your soulmate is staring you in the face but your inability to think outside of the box will blind you to their presence. You're very set in your ways but your love life will never change if you're not prepared to make some concessions or sacrifices of your own.

Wellness *

You're feeling uptight and could end up binge eating to calm your nerves. It's a vicious circle and you'll only make matters worse.

Career **

The Moon is blinding you to your situation at work ans you could end up missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime as a result. Your boss is piling on the workload but, rather than see this as your chance to shine, you'll view it as a punishment.