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May 20, 2019

In Relationship *

A little white lie coming from your partner will seriously unsettle you today! Have they been honest with you the whole time? How many other things have they lied about since you first met? Honesty is a value that is extremely important to you, especially in this domain. You're seriously considering breaking up with your other half...

Single *

You've been getting closer and closer to someone online, but their behavior will seriously worry you today. They will pretend to be ill in order to cancel a date you two had planned. But they will feel good enough to spend the evening active on your favorite dating app! You will quickly understand that they've been playing with you from the start.

Wellness ***

A high-fiber diet will do your digestive system a world of good. Adopt healthier eating habits too while you're at it!

Career ****

Don't be afraid to ask yourself questions. It means that you're ready to move your career to the next level, my Virgo friend! The planets will encourage you to identify your true objectives in this domain. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?