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August 20, 2019

In Relationship **

In your head, you're going over what concessions you'd be willing to make for your relationship. You know that if you don't make an effort, your love boat could sink, and that's not what you want. Your partner isn't putting you under any pressure. They'd rather you think over the subject without intervening. You need to be alone.

Single **

Someone you like comes on to you. Don't try to fight it. Trust yourself and follow your instincts. Why wouldn't you fall for them? What are you afraid of? You won't regret succumbing to the feeling, and you may even rediscover some forgotten sensations.

Wellness ****

You're running around like crazy today and don't even have one minute to yourself. Slow down!

Career ***

A mishap at work slows your evolution considerably. Uranus brings panic to your professional life. You have misjudged the situation and wasted time, and now you're paying for it. You feel cornered. Act fast.