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February 19, 2018

In Relationship *****

To rediscover complicity in your couple, you need to accept your flaws. It's possible that you want to spend a relaxing evening to think about something else rather than your worries. To do this well, trust your partner. A bit of imagination and creativity is required to make your intimate evening a success. Libido seems to be going through a lull.

Single *****

Your impetus remains weak. The essential things of your emotional life take place in your thoughts. You would like to find someone who is a lot like you but you expect a lot. Try to review your ambitions in love to avoid a stinging failure. You might not have gotten over the past due to a disappointment which hurt you.

Wellness ***

You'd like a breather especially with your thoughts. You're under pressure and don't know how to unwind.

Career **

Colleagues are banking on your commitment to relieve their workload on you. You might become the butt of the joke if you don't put a stop to your relations with your collaborators. Don't let them walk all over you.