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November 17, 2018

In Relationship **

The Moon-Pluto sextile is making you suspicious. You smell a rat and you can't shake off the feeling that your loved one is doing the dirty on you. They'll try to convince you otherwise but to no avail as your mind is already made up. Make sure you get your facts straight before accusing them as the stars suggest you may have got the wrong end of the stick...

Single **

You know exactly what you're looking for in a future partner and are not prepared to settle for second best. If they don't tick all of the boxes then you won't give them a second of your time. Had it occurred to you that you could be cutting your nose off to spite your face? Pluto is clouding your judgement and preventing you from seeing that you and a certain person are made for each other.

Wellness ***

If you're feeling tired and cranky then learn to listen to the warning signs. Regular exercise will help you to keep your energy levels up.

Career ****

Pluto is helping you to use your imagination to find an innovative solution to your work projects. Make the most of the day to get your priorities in check, even if that means delegating some of your tasks to your colleagues. Your efficiency levels will go through the roof.