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September 25, 2018

In Relationship ***

You'll be stimulated by the full Moon in Aries, and you won't rest until you've convinced your partner to retie your more erotic bonds. But the tender embrace that awaits won't satisfy you: you need something much more intense in order to be sure that your love is really back.

Single ***

If you could avoid talking about the weather with this love-interest, that would be wise. They won't figure out that you're talking that way because you're shy; they'll be confused about why you're sticking to such banal subjects. They'll make it clear that they were looking for someone more seductive, and that way make you feel even more awkward.

Wellness ***

You'll get upset over nothing. Get some exercise, but not too much -- just enough to unwind.

Career ****

Count on Uranus to help you react quickly or speed up your projects. You'll be able to take some risks or force certain things. Nothing will scare you in your job.