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Virgo 2021 Horoscope


Virgo 2021 Horoscope


Venus in Capricorn will be your anchor point, your home port. You’ll be well-grounded and will remain reasonable with your desires, the planet of love will fulfill your professional, financial and emotional desires. You’ll begin the year under promising auspices.


Tough to resist you or not validate your projects, as you’ll be determined with Mars in Taurus. Your critics may comment, they won’t have much to sink into their teeth as your task will make sense. In terms of your love life, you’ve come across better but you’ll be desperate.


Venus in Pisces will nudge you to make you believe in something fantastic. You’ll be tempted to follow its tempting instructions but Saturn in Aquarius will show you that everything that glitters isn’t gold. You’ll be relieved as you won’t get swindled.


With this multi-purpose Mars in Gemini, make sure you don’t scatter yourself. On the positive side, it’ll bring you new impetus, to begin an activity or give you the desire to do one. Venus in Taurus will be your sesame to love peacefully, without being hasty.


Mercury in Gemini will whisper that you can do what you like, you’ll remain wary with this smooth talker. You’ll do the right thing as it’s time for responsibilities and not for recklessness. A little emotional low point will be swept away, through the smile of your friends.


Good will, you’ll confront disturbances in life in an efficient manner, by putting aside your emotions, as it doesn’t favor good decisions. This intense control on yourself could trigger little aches. They’ll be temporary but you’ll understand why you need to take it slow.


With Mars and Venus in your shadow sector, you’ll feel that something is coming in the way of your desires and actions. You’ll be patient and not shake things up, through the intuitive feeling that forcing destiny won’t be favorable. In your love life and at work, you’ll get back your smile 22nd July onward.


You’ll be devoted to your love life, days off, desires, you won’t realize Jupiter is back in Aquarius and will talk about work. You’ll put this in your pending file as you’ll think about pleasure before tackling your obligations. You’ll look great when you get back to work.


Until the 15th September, you’ll have free rein to lead your activities, your life as you please. Use this to highlight yourself as after this, your initiatives won’t always be properly understood. You’ll try to gain time and money, while one will ask for your presence and attention.


Mercury will unblock your financial situation. You’ll have the means to develop a project. Venus will send you back up through your entourage. Its action will boost your business and/or career. Mars in Libra will suggest finding a compromise in case of difficulties.


Venus will put its strength at the disposal of your social life. Your couple will be solid with the desire to build the future. If it’s a new relationship, a project will seal the deal. Mars will make you come across relations who may guide you. Don’t be sorry for your success. You deserve it.


Venus will continue beautifying itself for your emotional life. Mercury will join her during the end of the month, these two planets will do their best so that your year end celebrations take place under the best auspices. A project, trip may also change the tone of things by making you really dream.