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This week's horoscope forecast for the zodiac sign Aquarius.

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From April 23 to April 29

Love : ******

Finance : *****

Luck : ****


Life seems much easier to you this week. You stop worrying about issues that doesn't even exist thanks to the relaxing influence of Venus. Your problems disappear as if by magic now that you have a much more positive outlook on life.


You're not a fan of big gangs of friends. You'd rather see the people you love in small committees, as you find it easier to say what's on your mind when there are only two or three of you together. You hate those pointless conversations taking place across a table full of people. You're fully aware that silence is golden...


Your energy levels are pretty low at the minute... It would be a good idea for you to slow down and take the time to rest. Stop working yourself into an early grave! It's time to listen to the warning signs your body is trying to send you.