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This week's horoscope forecast for the zodiac sign Aquarius.

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From February 12 to February 18

Love : **

Finance : ***

Luck : ***


The planets will have an interesting impact on your finances this week... While you shouldn't expect to make any extra money, you will know how to negotiate and sniff out great deals over the next five days. Simply try not to spend more than you can afford!


You will feel the need to escape from your usual responsibilities this weekend. Spending time with your friends will be the best way for you to clear your mind. If you're playing sports, please warm up properly and don't take any unnecessary risk... You're a bit of a daredevil these days!


Go hard or go home may be your motto, but please try not to push your body too far this week. Take the time to do things properly too, at home like in the workplace. And remember to enjoy what life has to offer, too!