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From April 23 to April 29

Love : ******

Finance : *****

Luck : ****


You have so many ideas in mind! Why don't you ask your loved ones for help in bringing them to life? They will be more than happy to lend you a hand. Your enterprising nature is a great example for the teenagers in your family to follow.


You will decide to get rid of most of your old habits this weekend! You've had enough of being stuck in your comfort zone, of following the same old routine day in, day out. Your friends, lover and family will be more than happy to buy into your exciting ideas!


Relax this week! Opt for spending time with the people you love instead of keeping yourself busy at all costs. Recharging your batteries will do you a world of good. And so will getting closer to the people who make your life worth living... They put you in such a good mood!