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From February 12 to February 18

Love : ******

Finance : ******

Luck : ******


The army of planets present in Pisces, a friendly sign, will bring plenty of love and affection your way this week. Meanwhile, Jupiter in Scorpio, another friendly sign, will make sure luck is on your side. Feeling good in your own skin, you have everything it takes to be successful. Make the most of it!


The domination of Water signs is great news for you, my Cancer friend! A romantic night in, a lovely meal out, an unexpected gift... Somebody will know how to surprise you and put a smile on your face this weekend!


Listen to your intuition! It very rarely lets you down. You know how to identify what is good for you, but a fear of getting it wrong often stops you from moving your life forward. Enough is enough! Trust yourself and follow your instinct this week, you will NOT regret it.