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From April 23 to April 29

Love : ***

Finance : ****

Luck : ******


Yet another busy week, but it'd take more than that to scare you! Mars will make you more strong-minded than usual, while the Saturn/Sun trine will help you succeed where plenty of your colleagues failed in the past. You will literally perform miracles this week!


Exhausted following a demanding week in the workplace, you feel like enjoying a well-deserved rest. But your loved ones want to take you out with them! Keep your calm. Don't argue with your friends or family simply because you disagree with their plans for the weekend!


Clearly explain to everyone around you how you want to enjoy a quiet weekend at home in order to recharge your batteries before yet another busy week at work. No one will accuse you of trying to avoid them then! In fact, some of your loved ones could even unexpectedly start looking after you...