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This week's horoscope forecast for the zodiac sign Gemini.

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From April 23 to April 29

Love : ******

Finance : ****

Luck : *****


You're so happy to see Venus move to your sign, my Gemini friend! A relaxing week is on the horizon. You will know how look after your partner without suffocating them. There's a fine line between being caring and possessive, one that you will not cross!


A sensual and romantic weekend will make you incredibly happy. You really couldn't have asked for more right now! If you are single, your friends will provide you with all the love and attention you need at this moment in time.


Being in love takes up a lot of energy! Don't spread yourself too thin this week... Stop trying to fight on every front at the same time! Get your life back in order before it's too late. You're too elusive and unpredictable for your own good at the minute...